Friday, December 03, 2004

Total Recall...

HOLY SHIT! It's been one month since my last posting! I've been so tied up and preoccupied with my work and various leisurely activities (wouldn't you like to know) that I've had little time to ponder over when next to update my blog.

Quite a bit has happened the past month, but its too many details. recap, I'll just keep posting some pics of what happened the past month including me meeting SLIPKNOT!

It was fucking amazing as I interviewed Corey the vocalist (#8) and Joey the drummer (#1) and got to hang out with them at their hotel. Also saw Clown and the rest of the gang, but best of all was perhaps what others would have KILLED for.

To hang out with Slipknot backstage for a whole three hours before their concert kicked off. Out of their masks and make-up! Things don't get more exciting than that. Except maybe nights in Patpong...drinking in a club in Silom Road, and shopping like crazy in Prathunam. And getting a free stay at the Pathuwan Princess perhaps?

Zahid's been holding well for those wondering, and fo those of you yang nak kecoh about being true blue fans...saja nak bagi jealous, guess who got a ride around town before we headed for lunch in Bangsar about last week in his new Citroen. Yes!!!

Oh, one story wanted to recap was the last week or so before Aidilfitri, when the Malaysian Idol kids were doing their recording for a Raya programme, Bob (Akademi Fantasia) and I went to hang out with Nikki and Saipul. Won't say much of what happened but it was a fun mini gathering of the East Malaysians.

So what else happened huh? Mmm...I'll recap as I recall...