Thursday, December 16, 2004

Still got the blues

Haven't slept yet. Something's really wrong with my hormones. I just feel totally blue, wallowing in self-pity about everything.

In the office at the moment (and it's fucking 7am!) and just finishing some work so I'll have the day off and sleep through it). Decided to update my blog with what I was supposed to add yesterday, though I am still not in the mood for it.

So to make it short and sweet, here are some pics from my work the day before.

My first assignment was an interview with my pet sis Dang Suria (that former TV3 now ntv7 newsreader) for a much delayed 'exclusive' on her personal life.

Ran late and rushed to Berjaya Times Square Hotel for the Anugerah Juara Lagu press conference where they drew ballots and decided the order of performance for that day.

Then rushed to meet up with Ted and dashed for the Lambaian Terakhir Aidilfitri dinner show with the Akademi Fantasia kids. It was nice to be with them in that environment, and Farihad and I put out heads together and decided to scream out for Bob in a juvenile fashion, the same way we'd done during the weekly concerts. It was embarassing as this time, knowing us, he called out, "Yes Joe, I know it's you". Gawd! I swear I crawled under the table cause everyone turned around to stare. Hafiz laughed and said we had nothing better to do, and I hardly disagreed.

Zahid was in a good mood too...until I pointed out that he was gaining weight...again! Well, actually not again, but the 'progress' doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. He didn't seem too amused with my piercings too...shaking his head at them. Who cares? His best buds Hafiz and Saiful thought them cool though. Hah!

OK, so...I guess that's all that happened the day before....yesterday was a total drag with nothing much to say as I bummed in the office after oversleeping from being tired the day before...Ciao