Sunday, December 12, 2004


Felt a little depressed today, so did what I usually did back then in times like this. I got pierced!
Not that I had that many. Actually I only had three.

The first on my lower left earlobe was as a sign of the first phase of my freedom when I finished my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (yes, back then it was still called SRP). The second on my left lobe was after I cleared my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, and the third, the upper piercing on my left ear was for completing college.

Anyhoo, I was supposed to meet someone I really fancied tonight. And I got stood up for reasons best known to that person. It's been interesting the past few day because I really fancied this person some time, and I know most of this person's friends, but we never chatted before. Secret admirer lah kiranya.

Moving on, I brought Wati out on Tuesday night, and we bumped into that person and another guy I knew too, and it turns out Wati was related to both of them. Needless to say, after proper introductions, that night we went back to my sister's place (the last night of house sitting her place in Pantai Hillpark) and we cuddled.

To cut a long story short, we didn't go all the way because the other party (Hey, I wanted to go all the way) wanted a more appropriate start to our friendship to try and head for a more serious relationship...which was fine with me.

And then what happens? We were supposed to go out tonight and I got stood up...I got the reasons why...but a nagging feeling of distrust (that's so me...) doubted it.

So feeling pissed and frustrated after all the anticipation I finally did what I was supposed to do years ago.

I hopped on down to Kotaraya and met Is who's working there, and he brought me over to his friend's place and I got both done at RM30 each. The first was the lower lip piercing. With the spot numbed, I didn't really feel anything.

The second however which was the eyebrow piercing (eyebrow barbells...that's the name for the particular style of piercing) was pretty sore, even after I had the spot numbed. Blood trickled awhile, but it was done with in a jiffy.

I plan one more actually on the top part of my earlobe (ouch!) before I move on to challenge my sister's (yes, she rocks!) tattoo collection.

If you're interested to go deeper (no pun intended) into piercings, here's two sites which are pretty good for you to read up on the subject. The first bme/Body Piercings And Experiences is pretty good to help you get an idea of what different styles are called and look offers a little more background reading with the history of body piercing, tips, procedures, healing times, how to care for piercings, complications which may arise, which is more detailed than bme but not as useful to peruse further with a pictorial guide.

Apart from that, it's been a miserable Saturday night cause even Ted's not here, as he scooted off for a date (more like a sex romp) and I'm stuck updating my blog at well past 3 in the morning.
Anyway, enjoy the pics...and hope for me that that person calls or SMSes me soon...I know I do...

My five piercings. The top two are the one's I did last evening, and the bottom two are the existing ear piercings. And of course, the complete effect below.