Friday, December 31, 2004

Out with the with the new! Happy New Year -2005!!!

OK...first things first...remember I said I had three piercings to go?

Just hours from 2005, I've brought that figure down to one before I graduate to tattoes. I got two done today, the ear cartillage and nose. The grand total is now seven. On my face! Am not going to pierce any other parts of my anatomy - so don't bother asking! After the tongue -the last place left to pierce, I'm planning my tattooes - so there!

It's not much, but this is my favourite Christmas gift I got that I wrote about in my blog. A GUESS watch from my sis which is so me. It matches the rest of my wardrobe (black) and most of my diamond studded piercings. I swear that girl just reads my mind, cause when I was doing my Christmas shopping, I was thinking of getting a 'self' gift and I was eyeing the exactly same watch!By the way, I'm so proud to note that next week, after the New Year, my sister is going back up north again to send aid to the victims of the tsunami that struck the coastal areas of Penang and Kedah!

If I've said it once, I'll keep saying it again and again. That girl may not look the part....but she's a saint! (yes, yes...despite the tattooes-hur hur) There actually was a second 4x4 convoy leaving Bangsar today,which I thought she was leaving on. I called her and she snorted before saying that one was nothing but a PR exercise for the corporate company involved. She'd prefer to remain anonymous...everyone go "awwwwwww!"

On the other hand (literally) note a ring (and the stubby fingers since I lopped off my nails) I'm now wearing. Yes, kiddies, me and Abang Jai are engaging in a 'trial period' where we're getting to know each other better to determine what the next step is. And yes, he sports a similiar ring too. I can't place his pic here in the open, so here's a darkened pic of him.

And on a silly note, here's something I don't think I will be using these before the end of 2004 - with just a couple of hours left - let's hope the expiry date is up to somewhere 2005 - I may need them again! (yuk yuk) Nope let me check...

For friends from Zahid's fan club, ZA8FC (Zahid's the guyw ho won Akademi Fantasia if you're not Malaysian or you've been marooned on a desert island somewhere), you may have already heard that I've already resigned from my post as advisor. Bukan apa, rasanya banyak tugas aku, tambah agik persiapan 2005 yang bakal menjelang dalam berapa jam, where my schedule is looking extremely packed! But as a farewell, here are some pics of Zahid (three separate sets from recent press interviews with Berita Harian and Harian Metro...hope you guys like them. It's been great for 2004...but 2005 beckons!

Ok..with that out of the's going to be morbid tonight with most parties called off after the Prime Minister's ealier announcement that no public celebrations would take place out of respect for the victims of the quake and tsunami attacks. It's going to be's like a sign of lost hope...we all need to have something to look forward to...right?
Anyways...from me to all of you...

...have a great year guys and matter where or who all of you are...May God bless us all