Monday, December 06, 2004

MTV needs you!

OH CHRIST! I was just surfing, and I decided to surf into the MTV Asia Awards website, just for the fun of it while finishing some work (having your sister ask you house sit her home with Streamyx helps). I thought I'd do my civic duty and vote, and what the fuck do I see?

Siti Nurhaliza still leading by almost two thirds majority of the votes.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against her...professionally that is. I think she can sing, and she is undoubtedly ONE of the best we have to offer. BUT SERIOUSLY!!! Dah tak ada bakat lain ke asyik dia saja. It's amazing how fanatical her fans are to go all out to ensure she wins everything.

Now that she seems to have lost grasp of the awards decided by professionals, the public vote is her only stronghold. GOD! Can you people go out there and VOTE please! I am going to Bangkok for the MTVAA and the last person I want to hear when the regional and international press interview as the Malaysian winner is Siti. She's good...but not THAT good!

I've been at the MTVAA for three years now since the first (and the second and third...) was held in Singapore. And I really want to enjoy the fourth....but since the Chinese consider '4' as death (the pronounciation is the same, that's why the number is unlucky-the East's 13, if you must).

Hope you guys get voting or there'll be no complaining about how Siti sweeps everything. My vote goes to Too Phat! But for all the Misha Omar fans and RuffEdge fans as well, hey you guys better get in gear cause I REALLY want anyone else to win except Siti (But not bad enough for Spider to win -bleuuurgh! puke!)


Too Phat ( 1.63 %)
Siti Nurhaliza ( 71.1 % )
Misha Omar ( 21.17 % )
Spider ( 0.77 % )
RuffEdge ( 5.33 % )

*My blog was attacked later in the morning. This is another entry I've added. I have no fucking idea what their problem is (no, they weren't Siti Nurhaliza fans), but I would suggest they refrain from any shit activities to for the sake of the innocent being hurt. And for that I mean the very people's close buds. Don't fuck with me for no reason. Have a nice day, kiddies...