Saturday, December 04, 2004

I use Maybank...but they screw you!

I use Maybank...and of course I use for most of my transactions. You know...checking online whether my pay has been banked in...reloading my mobile many things more.

But I read this thing from someone I know and I think I am just aout sick of Maybank. If you're a customer of the bank, you would of course know that every fifth transaction gets charged RM0.50.

Now I've learned thay registered users will have to pay a RM1.00 fee per month starting 20 December 2004. This fee will be debited from your Maybank account on a half-yearly basis.

What the fuck?!!!

Are the kidding or what??? Shit!

For you Maybank customers, especially folks like me who use the service, protest against's action!!!

This is just way too much! I hooe you guys out there sign up for the petition for some hope that something can be done...I have.