Friday, December 03, 2004

EXCLUSIVE! KRU and Adam of Akademi Fantasia as never seen before!

OK...I nearly forgot this. This is so exclusive its going to first come out in ANY paper (in my column) this Monday only. So you guys get to see this first! It's going to be from my gossip column this Monday. Enjoy the pictures!

"*THEY'RE known for churning out interesting new talents. Except for the female acts they've dealt with so far, anyway.

Yes, physical assets are always a must with those, however SO WHAT? shocking reveal these exclusive pics that proves, KRU may be 'dragging' things a bit too far!

Yes indeed, the sibling trio will show 'em how its done in their next music video by donning a totally new look!

Well actually, KRU seems to seek continuity in their excellent music videos with an upcoming effort for their latest single taking on Eminem's trademark of playing multiple roles.

The song, Terhangat Di Pasaran, featuring Adam of Akademi Fantasia will take a stab at the latter's own origins, a reality TV show.

Apparently the concept of the music video will be revolving around the storyline of a reality program called 'Jantan Macho...La!' and also features a cameo from popular Akademi Fantasia host, Aznil Nawawi and Malaysian Idol judge Fauziah Latiff.

Terhangat Di Pasaran is expected to hit the airwaves soon, while the album, KRUnisme, will hit the shelves on January. And for those who want to catch the video, make sure you have Astro, because apparently its not going to be aired on other least for now. All SO WHAT?: has to say is, Urgh! Unshaved legs, Yusry? And to Norman and Edry, don't give up your day job, and Adam...we already have Mas."

Unedited version of gossip from SO WHAT? in The Malay Mail this coming Monday.