Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Disaster strikes home...

I know I've neglected to update my blog, but it's just that despite being on holiday and having net access several times...I've just been too lazy to update my blog despite quite a bit of developments since my last update.

Been off since Dec 20, so been staying home during the days and prowling during the nights, which means unavoidably I've been stuck to CNN, CNBC and BBC (Can't understand Al-Jazeera) over Astro watching the earthquake/tsunami tragedy which has struck our part of the world, here in South East Asia.

So first, I'd like t take a moment to remember all those killed in the tragedy so close to home. If the world can mourn 9/11 where some 5,000 innocent lives became sacrifice to man's nature, the world should come to a halt for the some 26,000 (at press time) who never knew what hit them when nature unleased its fury. To make matters worse, the after effects of the disaster are expected to claim up to some 45,000 lives, not including those who may die due to disease and such.

Here's my little tribute in memory of those who have passed on, and their surviving kin in all countries affected in Sri Lanka, India, Maldives, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and even those of the African nations in Somalia, Tanzania and Seychelles...may our flags fly high...even in the face of adversity. The difficult moments will be shouldered together as the world mourns together, sharing our sorrow...

But the morbidness of the effect on the season had some little minor comic relief (if only for a moment). One of my officemates, John was holidaying in Phuket. He went on Christmas morning and is supposed to be back today. Alam got an email from him, and apparently he's safe...for two reasons.

One his bugdet allowed him one of the cheaper hotels, which meant quite some distance from the beach (beachfront establishments are of course more costly) which was some measure of safety...and the fact that as the tsunami swallowed everything in its path, John was doing some swallowing on his own...with a go-go boy he had picked up!

Hence being indoors meant that he wasn't cruising or shopping in exposed areas, and meant he was safe just being indoors, on higher ground...Miracles come in all forms I suppose.

But a quick recap.

2004 has to be the year of failed relationships. I've been through so many trial relationships this year that I think I deserve to be a Samantha-meets-Miranda-meets Carrie character in Sex In The City. Incidentally, plans for tonight's Sex In The City finale party airing on Astro, supposedly taking place in Alam's house has been shifted to the National Press Club cause AmBank is having its press night there and we have to be there.

Ted doesn't fancy my obsession with the lives of four fashion addicts living a whore-ish lifestyle cause he says watching my life is traumatic enough. Plus, he says the only reason I'm stuck on plans for tonight and to make the finale a celebration, is simply this search for an answer.

I mean, I understand what he means. His claims that I'm just looking for a creative 'ending' to be applied to my life, are quite true, and I've had enough crap and drama and trauma to last me Lord knows how many seasons, I wouldn't even need reruns, if my life was a soap.

So back to the point of my story, I've met some potentials for dates, even in the last few weeks.

And right now, I seem to be stuck on this married person with one kid. Perfect!!!... and the opposite of everything that I am, which is a good thing, cause I wouldn't want to date myself.

Bleurrgh! Don't know how everything's going to go, but we've been taking it really slow, and I haven't gone this slow in a trial period for a really long time. Hope it's a good sign, cause the last time I went this slow, it was the real thing which lasted some four years that ended only due to unavoidable circumstances. (got married)

Apart from that...oh...Merry Christmas to all...not too late. Spent over RM1000 this year on Mom and Dad and Sis. Mom got this Clarins and Christian Dior collection, Dad got a new multi tiered (costly) pot holder for his recent gardening obsession and my sis got about RM400 worth of leather/bondage equipment for her fetishes (don't ask).

In return, my best gift is my GUESS wristwatch (bling bling) from my sis which is gorgeous while the most thoughtful has to be Ted's lower lip stud.

Thinking of doing three more piercings, the ear cartillage, my nose and my tongue, though I don't know when I'll get about to it. Two days ago came close, but instead thought I'd pick up some matching studs (black settings with diamonds) to match my new watch.

Think I'm clearing off now. Meeting Ted later. Gonna booze up, watch Sex In The City then hurry over to the spot where I'm borrowing some stuff to Is for the Miss Two Faces competition.

See you guys...Merry Christmas and if I don't update my blog before the New Year...Happy 2005!