Friday, December 31, 2004

Out with the with the new! Happy New Year -2005!!!

OK...first things first...remember I said I had three piercings to go?

Just hours from 2005, I've brought that figure down to one before I graduate to tattoes. I got two done today, the ear cartillage and nose. The grand total is now seven. On my face! Am not going to pierce any other parts of my anatomy - so don't bother asking! After the tongue -the last place left to pierce, I'm planning my tattooes - so there!

It's not much, but this is my favourite Christmas gift I got that I wrote about in my blog. A GUESS watch from my sis which is so me. It matches the rest of my wardrobe (black) and most of my diamond studded piercings. I swear that girl just reads my mind, cause when I was doing my Christmas shopping, I was thinking of getting a 'self' gift and I was eyeing the exactly same watch!By the way, I'm so proud to note that next week, after the New Year, my sister is going back up north again to send aid to the victims of the tsunami that struck the coastal areas of Penang and Kedah!

If I've said it once, I'll keep saying it again and again. That girl may not look the part....but she's a saint! (yes, yes...despite the tattooes-hur hur) There actually was a second 4x4 convoy leaving Bangsar today,which I thought she was leaving on. I called her and she snorted before saying that one was nothing but a PR exercise for the corporate company involved. She'd prefer to remain anonymous...everyone go "awwwwwww!"

On the other hand (literally) note a ring (and the stubby fingers since I lopped off my nails) I'm now wearing. Yes, kiddies, me and Abang Jai are engaging in a 'trial period' where we're getting to know each other better to determine what the next step is. And yes, he sports a similiar ring too. I can't place his pic here in the open, so here's a darkened pic of him.

And on a silly note, here's something I don't think I will be using these before the end of 2004 - with just a couple of hours left - let's hope the expiry date is up to somewhere 2005 - I may need them again! (yuk yuk) Nope let me check...

For friends from Zahid's fan club, ZA8FC (Zahid's the guyw ho won Akademi Fantasia if you're not Malaysian or you've been marooned on a desert island somewhere), you may have already heard that I've already resigned from my post as advisor. Bukan apa, rasanya banyak tugas aku, tambah agik persiapan 2005 yang bakal menjelang dalam berapa jam, where my schedule is looking extremely packed! But as a farewell, here are some pics of Zahid (three separate sets from recent press interviews with Berita Harian and Harian Metro...hope you guys like them. It's been great for 2004...but 2005 beckons!

Ok..with that out of the's going to be morbid tonight with most parties called off after the Prime Minister's ealier announcement that no public celebrations would take place out of respect for the victims of the quake and tsunami attacks. It's going to be's like a sign of lost hope...we all need to have something to look forward to...right?
Anyways...from me to all of you...

...have a great year guys and matter where or who all of you are...May God bless us all

What the...

Was coming online to tell of more interesting news between me and abang Jai, but somehow, the joy of having dinner and a quite interesting conversation seems to have died out. I surfed CNN's website and the first thing that greeted me was this piece of heartbreaking news.

"BANDA ACEH, Indonesia (CNN) -- The death toll from Sunday's tsunamis has jumped sharply to over 116,000 after Indonesia reported nearly 80,000 people were killed in that country alone."

Already on leave, I've spent the past few days glued to the tube to watch endless replays of dead bodies lining streets of various countries struck by the quake and the resulting tsunamis. Not to mention constantly reminded of the escalating figurs of casualties. Before leaving home this evening, the figure was set at over 80,000 dead. And now that figure has jumped again!

Happy to note though my sister's back. Couple of days ago, she left with a 4X4 convoy for Penang and Kedah with Mercy Malaysia to distribute aid to those affected while I was lazing on my butt at home. She may not look it with her tatooes...but she's a saint...and ever one of my fave role models.

Anyway...on slightly less important bits of news. Yesterday afternoon the Prime Minister announced that all New Year Eve celebrations nationwide are called off in memory and to mourn for those affected by the disaster.

A good plan...if not for one, the millions of Ringgit lost on the business deals. I mean, already the financial impact of the disaster has been painful enough...just change the damn tone of the shows...not so much celebratory as in reflective. No disrespect meant...but life goes on. I know of so many organisers and sponsors who are losing money over the ban of New Year Eve celebrations...and I think it's sad. Nothing in comparison with the far reaching effect of the disaster...but still...

Anyway, last night, the Golden Triangle area of Kuala Lumpur was swarming with military personnel (they were uniformed anyway, so some uniformed unit at any rate). Coupled with the Prime Minister's announcement earlier, speculation was rife that Kuala Lumpur was actually on some terrorist list for bombing targets, which while I dare not discount, sounds incredibly like a load of horse poop to me.

Back to my lesser, insignificant life...the past few days has been extremely boring. Apart from being glued to the idiot tube most hours of the day watching the tsunami disaster events unfold (how morbid! - and so Malaysian), I don't really have much to share.

Do want to say something about one of the many funds sprouting up to collect aid for victims of the was on ntv7. Please for donations were made by several funds, one which was aimed at 'Mangsa Ombak Besar'! Which of course, fucking literally translates to 'Victims of Big Wave'. How stupid! What else...let me see...

Let's see...I got a three day two night stay at Holiday Inn Damai Beach resort or something in Sarawak. My mom won it in some draw at the recent travel fair...and as I expected when I went to claim it for her, it turned out to be an hour long sales pitch before they let go of the letter awarding the stay. Stupid old tired fucking marketing tactics!

Nikki's coming down only on Jan 8 for the 8tv anniversary celebrations since her gig on New Year's Eve in Alamanda, Putrajaya has been called off...

Ted's bugging me to go Malacca for the countdown...which I'm considering since KL has always been a bore for me, with idiots flooding the streets making a fool out of themselves and irking the shit out of claustrophobic me.

And last but not least... that person is still wearing my ring...(everyone go 'Awww!' together on cue) See you guys in my next post...

Freak test!

Things are getting depressing. Time to turn away for just a moment and lighten up.

Need a breather between finishing my gossip column for Monday - hence the reason for being in the office at this un-Godly hour - despite being on leave.

Came across this. Anyone's who's still a virgin (by choice or not) -though it doesn't matter - just afraid you may not know the first thing about what is reuired of the question - or below the age of consent in your area, forget taking part in this little test.

Award yourself the points shown for the question if you answer 'YES'.

The Freak Test
1. Have you ever had intercourse? (5 pts)
2. Oral Sex: Giving to Orgasm (5 pts),
Receiving (5 pts)
3. Licked an ass? (5 pts)
4. Had your ass licked? (5 pts)
5. Stuck your tongue in their ass? (10 pts)
6. Swallowed cum? (5 pts)
7. Practiced Bondage or BDSM? (5 pts)
8. Had anal sex? (5 pts)
9. Had an orgasm from anal sex? (5 pts)
10. Ever squirted or made someone squirt? (10 pts)
11. Squirted from oral or made someone squirt? (5 pts)
12. Had sex with someone of the same sex? (5 pts)
13. Did a threesome? (5 pts)
14. Did a foursome? (5 pts)
15. Been in an Orgy? (5 pts)
16. Been in a gangbang? (5 pts)
17. Had sex in public? (5 pts)
18. Snowballed (swapping cum) with someone? (10 pts)
19. Had your toes licked or sucked? (5 pts)
20. Licked or sucked someone's toes? (5 pts)
21. Had sex with more than one person (one on one only) in a day? (10 pts)
22. Had sex with more than one person (one on one only) in a week? (10 pts)
23. Had cyber sex or phone sex? (5 pts)
Reached an orgasm? (5 pts)
24. Watched porn? (5 pts)
25. Bought a dirty magazine? (5 pts)
26. Posted nude pictures of you on the net? (5 pts)
27. Let someone video tape you having sex? (5 pts)
28. Had sex without protection? (5 pts)
29. Had someone give you a cum facial or gave someone a cum facial? (5 pts)
30. Have you participated in any type of golden showers? (10 pts)
31. Have you let anyone or have you shit on anyone? (10 pts)
32. Had sex with a friend's significant other? (10 pts)
33. Ever did one of your significant others friends or relative? (10 pts)
34. Have you ever cheated on your significant other? (5 pts)
35. Made someone pass out from sex? (10 pts)
36. Tasted your own cum? (5 pts)
37. Masturbated? (5 pts),
Let someone watch you? (5 pts)
38. Ever showed you naked on cam? (5 pts)
39. Had sex while on your period or while someone was on their period? (10 pts)
40. Been ate or eaten someone? (10 pts)
41. Had sex with someone you knew less than an hour? (10 pts)
42. Had sex in a vehicle? (5 pts)
43. Been caught having sex? (5 pts)
44. Paid for sex? (5 pts)
45. Used toys during sex? (5 pts)
Used food? (5 pts)
46. Like pain from a little to extreme during sex? (5 pts)
47. Ever been dominated in bed? (5 pts)
48. Ever had a wet dream? (5 pts)
49. Like to have your ass slapped during sex? (5 pts)
50. Like having your nipples licked, sucked, or bitten? (5 pts)
51. Had sex with someone you didn't know their name? (10 pts)

0 - 50 - Average man or woman (need to be a little more adventurous)
51 - 100 - Beginner Freak (keep up the good work)
101 - 150 - Big Freak (you're heading in the right direction)
151 - 200 - Professional Freak (you could charge for your services)
201 - 250 - King or Queen Freak (others will never forget you)
251 - 296 - over NASTY SUPER FREAK (you could write the book, teach the class, and hang the certificate on your wall)

And my result? Honestly I scored a 195 on it. Though on rechecking opn two dubious questions - I found subjectively - I had another 20 points in the offing - given circumstances which were not elaborated by the question.

If enough of you ask, I may reveal what I answered. Until then, have fun classifying your sexual prowess.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Disaster strikes home...

I know I've neglected to update my blog, but it's just that despite being on holiday and having net access several times...I've just been too lazy to update my blog despite quite a bit of developments since my last update.

Been off since Dec 20, so been staying home during the days and prowling during the nights, which means unavoidably I've been stuck to CNN, CNBC and BBC (Can't understand Al-Jazeera) over Astro watching the earthquake/tsunami tragedy which has struck our part of the world, here in South East Asia.

So first, I'd like t take a moment to remember all those killed in the tragedy so close to home. If the world can mourn 9/11 where some 5,000 innocent lives became sacrifice to man's nature, the world should come to a halt for the some 26,000 (at press time) who never knew what hit them when nature unleased its fury. To make matters worse, the after effects of the disaster are expected to claim up to some 45,000 lives, not including those who may die due to disease and such.

Here's my little tribute in memory of those who have passed on, and their surviving kin in all countries affected in Sri Lanka, India, Maldives, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and even those of the African nations in Somalia, Tanzania and Seychelles...may our flags fly high...even in the face of adversity. The difficult moments will be shouldered together as the world mourns together, sharing our sorrow...

But the morbidness of the effect on the season had some little minor comic relief (if only for a moment). One of my officemates, John was holidaying in Phuket. He went on Christmas morning and is supposed to be back today. Alam got an email from him, and apparently he's safe...for two reasons.

One his bugdet allowed him one of the cheaper hotels, which meant quite some distance from the beach (beachfront establishments are of course more costly) which was some measure of safety...and the fact that as the tsunami swallowed everything in its path, John was doing some swallowing on his own...with a go-go boy he had picked up!

Hence being indoors meant that he wasn't cruising or shopping in exposed areas, and meant he was safe just being indoors, on higher ground...Miracles come in all forms I suppose.

But a quick recap.

2004 has to be the year of failed relationships. I've been through so many trial relationships this year that I think I deserve to be a Samantha-meets-Miranda-meets Carrie character in Sex In The City. Incidentally, plans for tonight's Sex In The City finale party airing on Astro, supposedly taking place in Alam's house has been shifted to the National Press Club cause AmBank is having its press night there and we have to be there.

Ted doesn't fancy my obsession with the lives of four fashion addicts living a whore-ish lifestyle cause he says watching my life is traumatic enough. Plus, he says the only reason I'm stuck on plans for tonight and to make the finale a celebration, is simply this search for an answer.

I mean, I understand what he means. His claims that I'm just looking for a creative 'ending' to be applied to my life, are quite true, and I've had enough crap and drama and trauma to last me Lord knows how many seasons, I wouldn't even need reruns, if my life was a soap.

So back to the point of my story, I've met some potentials for dates, even in the last few weeks.

And right now, I seem to be stuck on this married person with one kid. Perfect!!!... and the opposite of everything that I am, which is a good thing, cause I wouldn't want to date myself.

Bleurrgh! Don't know how everything's going to go, but we've been taking it really slow, and I haven't gone this slow in a trial period for a really long time. Hope it's a good sign, cause the last time I went this slow, it was the real thing which lasted some four years that ended only due to unavoidable circumstances. (got married)

Apart from that...oh...Merry Christmas to all...not too late. Spent over RM1000 this year on Mom and Dad and Sis. Mom got this Clarins and Christian Dior collection, Dad got a new multi tiered (costly) pot holder for his recent gardening obsession and my sis got about RM400 worth of leather/bondage equipment for her fetishes (don't ask).

In return, my best gift is my GUESS wristwatch (bling bling) from my sis which is gorgeous while the most thoughtful has to be Ted's lower lip stud.

Thinking of doing three more piercings, the ear cartillage, my nose and my tongue, though I don't know when I'll get about to it. Two days ago came close, but instead thought I'd pick up some matching studs (black settings with diamonds) to match my new watch.

Think I'm clearing off now. Meeting Ted later. Gonna booze up, watch Sex In The City then hurry over to the spot where I'm borrowing some stuff to Is for the Miss Two Faces competition.

See you guys...Merry Christmas and if I don't update my blog before the New Year...Happy 2005!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Pix Day!!!

OK...I need to be speedy today. I have to meet Hatta for an appointment at the EPF.
First of all, here are the pics of Zahid from Friday night.

Photos of Zahid from Tower Records KLCC last Friday night.

Before I forget, these are the last pics of my nails. For those of you who know me, I have a tendency to 'cultivate' my nails and black is always the uniform colour for them. Anyways, the day before yesterday, I decided to lop them off (for no particular reason) and these are the last pics of my nails for those of you who have never seen them before.

My they were

So how was my day yesterday after that pictorial display? Well, for one, I embarked on a rare mini movie marathon with Ted. I chose Phantom of the Opera being a fan of the musical for ages now. I had not too long ago forced Ted to listen to the soundtrack of the musical and that kinda sparked some anticipation for him to watch the movie too, being one of the few ignorant ones around unaware of the beauty of the tragic love story.

Anyways, he got the second choice of Polar Express, which I'd have to say, if you're not a fan of animated stuff, you'd be bored to death. Zero storyline, no substance whatsoever, just lots of eye candy, however impressive the CGI was.

But I strongly recommend Phantom of the Opera for those of you who haven't watched it. For those unfamiliar with the storyline, or the musical, and have no idea what it's all about, watch it, do, please.

It kicks the ass out of Moulin Rouge, which is not even worthy of a comparison.

One last bit before I bid farewell for today. Just found out the MTV ASia Awards 2005 has been moved from Feb 5 to Feb 3, due to the nation's elections on the 6.

But that's not the interesting bit of news that I just found out.

I also just found out that one of the hosts of the event will be CHRISTINA AGUILERA!

Oh lord! I just called Sony-BMG which distributes Christina here and I've just demanded, begged, etc for a booking for an interview with Christina. Excellent! Will know later if I'm gonna be scheduled for it. Hope I'll get it though.

OK, I really got to scoot off for today...see you guys tomorrow...

Monday, December 20, 2004


I can't upload the pics that I've got in my Nokia for today as I forgot to bring my card-reader and I'm too lazy to borrow someone's laptop to transfer the images, so you guys gotta wait until tomorrow to see pics from the weekend.

Anyway didn't do that much over the weekend. Only thing worth mentioning is Friday night at Tower Records KLCC when Zahid, Edlin, Rosma and Burn of Akademi Fantasia were there to promote the 'EVO' and 'Evolusi' albums. Anding showed up towards the end and found out from him that Bob is down with chicken pox since the day before. Poor thing. Called Bob up and found him really down, being stuck alone in his new place in Damansara with the darn pox.

Anyways, Zahid seems to have developed a fashion sense worth mention with a last minute acquisition from Topman's...a nice jacket which he wore during the promo.

The night zoomed by, and only episode worth sharing on Saturday night was that called Zahid to wish him a happy birthday (his birthday was on December 19th, Sunday). He's got two iguanas so far (no thanks to his previous statement that he wanted an iguana for a birthday prezzie) and I wonder if he's gonna get more this week, after he gets back to KL from Sabah where he had a show.

Bonus is in! I feel rich! Settled my traffic summonses which cost a bomb! (Got a hefty discount thanks to abang Kamal though...I just love that guy) And spending another huge amount on renewing my road tax and insurance (which expires tomorrow).

Am on leave from today until January 10 (though I will still drift to the office for personal abuse of Internet facilities and also to finish up some work). And that's just clearing the leave from 2003!

Meeting Ted in awhile cause his pay is in, and we're going Christmas shopping! I gotta buy something for Mom, Dad, my sister and well as other miscellaneous gifts for other significant people in my life.

Sooooo...I will post the images from the past few days tomorrow (hopefully-as I've got an appointment with Hatta for my EPF thingie).

Until then I'll leave you guys with this thingie I got from my email. A riot!

Between Siti Nurhaliza and Sharifah Aini? What's all the fuss? Every personality/celebrity person is the same if you take away the human side of things and they remain a public figure in your eyes.


Thursday, December 16, 2004

Still got the blues

Haven't slept yet. Something's really wrong with my hormones. I just feel totally blue, wallowing in self-pity about everything.

In the office at the moment (and it's fucking 7am!) and just finishing some work so I'll have the day off and sleep through it). Decided to update my blog with what I was supposed to add yesterday, though I am still not in the mood for it.

So to make it short and sweet, here are some pics from my work the day before.

My first assignment was an interview with my pet sis Dang Suria (that former TV3 now ntv7 newsreader) for a much delayed 'exclusive' on her personal life.

Ran late and rushed to Berjaya Times Square Hotel for the Anugerah Juara Lagu press conference where they drew ballots and decided the order of performance for that day.

Then rushed to meet up with Ted and dashed for the Lambaian Terakhir Aidilfitri dinner show with the Akademi Fantasia kids. It was nice to be with them in that environment, and Farihad and I put out heads together and decided to scream out for Bob in a juvenile fashion, the same way we'd done during the weekly concerts. It was embarassing as this time, knowing us, he called out, "Yes Joe, I know it's you". Gawd! I swear I crawled under the table cause everyone turned around to stare. Hafiz laughed and said we had nothing better to do, and I hardly disagreed.

Zahid was in a good mood too...until I pointed out that he was gaining weight...again! Well, actually not again, but the 'progress' doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. He didn't seem too amused with my piercings too...shaking his head at them. Who cares? His best buds Hafiz and Saiful thought them cool though. Hah!

OK, so...I guess that's all that happened the day before....yesterday was a total drag with nothing much to say as I bummed in the office after oversleeping from being tired the day before...Ciao

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

My disco is over

Not interested to say anything for today. Depressed withhout a reason, and the blues have taken over. Messaged my new beau and my lover and told both of 'em to take a hike. Am sane, but feel like that's just controlled.

The poem below reflects how I feel.
See you tomorrow, blogger...if there is a tomorrow...

"Sorrow is constant
Happiness is a lie
Hope has started dying
And soon so will I"


Monday, December 13, 2004

Rollercoaster day

Today's been kinda whacked for me.

Yesterday night I went to Planet Hollywood for Dayang Nurfaizah and Anuar Zain's Sunday Nite Live, which was a fucking waste of time. I mean the show would have been good, but somehow the dodgy boxy sound of things screwed it up...not to mention the overly sardine packed crowd which was full of minah-minah kepam yang cam tak mandi tiga bulan pastu spray perfume murahan screaming for Anuar.

Quit after the first set and Ted and I headed to Shereen and Ijoi's place for their open house. We stayed there till nearly 4am just chatting and exchanging gossip like some bored aunties.

But the day wasn't all that bad cause in the evening, I gave a call to 'that' person, and we met up and had a drink. We talked, and he apologised for the situation and we made up, so things are supposed to be better. While that's no promise of how things will be in the coming weeks, he did say something that brought a smile to my face enough to last to today.

Then it happened...I checked my faceparty account and I got a reply from my soulmate. It was a whole lot of mixed feelings that came over me.

Part of me was just ecstatic that this would be the first anything remotely close to communication in seven months of breaking up. The other part of me was angry and resentful still over the whole situation, plus in message dia, katanya tepati janjinya nak pay back some money he owed. But he somehow failed to mention when.

I just don't know...stubborn gila with the ego the size of a Goodyear blimp which gets into the way of appreciating what a truly lovely person I fell in love with. I don't know...

Anyway, today was piles of work and I have myself stocked with assignments until my Christmas leave, which I'm deciding to take from Dec 20 onwards until sometime the first or second week of the New Year.

That kind of erased the smile...I've got three assignments tomorrow. Though the third tomorrow, a dinner show won't be so bad cause it'll be with the Akademi Fantasia finalists. Also spoke to Zahid today so that kinda lifted me up from these blues that were threatening to pummel me down. Somehow he just gets me laughing...

So...I'm calling it quits for today....see you when I see you blogger...

Sunday, December 12, 2004


Felt a little depressed today, so did what I usually did back then in times like this. I got pierced!
Not that I had that many. Actually I only had three.

The first on my lower left earlobe was as a sign of the first phase of my freedom when I finished my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (yes, back then it was still called SRP). The second on my left lobe was after I cleared my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, and the third, the upper piercing on my left ear was for completing college.

Anyhoo, I was supposed to meet someone I really fancied tonight. And I got stood up for reasons best known to that person. It's been interesting the past few day because I really fancied this person some time, and I know most of this person's friends, but we never chatted before. Secret admirer lah kiranya.

Moving on, I brought Wati out on Tuesday night, and we bumped into that person and another guy I knew too, and it turns out Wati was related to both of them. Needless to say, after proper introductions, that night we went back to my sister's place (the last night of house sitting her place in Pantai Hillpark) and we cuddled.

To cut a long story short, we didn't go all the way because the other party (Hey, I wanted to go all the way) wanted a more appropriate start to our friendship to try and head for a more serious relationship...which was fine with me.

And then what happens? We were supposed to go out tonight and I got stood up...I got the reasons why...but a nagging feeling of distrust (that's so me...) doubted it.

So feeling pissed and frustrated after all the anticipation I finally did what I was supposed to do years ago.

I hopped on down to Kotaraya and met Is who's working there, and he brought me over to his friend's place and I got both done at RM30 each. The first was the lower lip piercing. With the spot numbed, I didn't really feel anything.

The second however which was the eyebrow piercing (eyebrow barbells...that's the name for the particular style of piercing) was pretty sore, even after I had the spot numbed. Blood trickled awhile, but it was done with in a jiffy.

I plan one more actually on the top part of my earlobe (ouch!) before I move on to challenge my sister's (yes, she rocks!) tattoo collection.

If you're interested to go deeper (no pun intended) into piercings, here's two sites which are pretty good for you to read up on the subject. The first bme/Body Piercings And Experiences is pretty good to help you get an idea of what different styles are called and look offers a little more background reading with the history of body piercing, tips, procedures, healing times, how to care for piercings, complications which may arise, which is more detailed than bme but not as useful to peruse further with a pictorial guide.

Apart from that, it's been a miserable Saturday night cause even Ted's not here, as he scooted off for a date (more like a sex romp) and I'm stuck updating my blog at well past 3 in the morning.
Anyway, enjoy the pics...and hope for me that that person calls or SMSes me soon...I know I do...

My five piercings. The top two are the one's I did last evening, and the bottom two are the existing ear piercings. And of course, the complete effect below.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Cover art

One little addition I forgot to include in my last entry.The guys from Sony-BMG sent me the cover art for Jac's album. For fans of Malaysian Idol's Jac, the album, again, is going to be available in stores on Dec 13, though it will only be officially launched on Jan 12. And also out in December...Azharina. Her second elabum is pretty good, so look out for it.

Yang pertama tu hancur gila thanks to her uncle Julfekar. Tapi yang second ni ada lagu Adnan Abu Hassan yang gila babas punya best! Tak caya tunggu tengok hit ke tak. Below I included cover art album dia sekali. Ubah imej tu! She looks HOT!

Apa-apa pun hope you guys support the local music industry. BELI YANG ORIGINAL!

PS . For friends from the Malaysian Idol forum...if you want to curi the images of Jac's album cover art, please credit me in [klubbkidd's rave]..ahahahaha...but don't give the url.

Jac's Gemilang cover art.

Azharina's new look for her upcoming album.

Car elevators

So I was off yesterday, right...and I drove my mom to an appointment she had in Jalan Sultan Ismail. This is like, really amazing...cause I discovered there are things in Kuala Lumpur I've NEVER seen before. And after over a decade being acquianted with the weirdest, quirkiest, strangest and absolutely freakiest of the city....I found that I CAN still come across something new. So you've heard of basement parking...and multi-level parking...dig this.

My mom's appointment was in Wisma KFC in Jalan Sultan Ismail. When we got there, I drove about trying to find an entrance to the parking area. The only entrance I could see was to the basement parking. However, there was also a big sign there that stated it was only for season parkers, and that visitors parking was only on the fourth floor. Whizzing about and finally ending at the exit. a security personnel directed me to what looked like a loading bay entrance.

Strangely enough, the 'entrance' which was just enough to fit a car, looked like a huge oven, you know the type they 'bake' cars in after a paint job...either that or a really small garage.

Apparently, it was an ELEVATOR! A lift big enough to fit just one car. Which was supposed to take us to the fourth floor. There were two lifts with one for heading up, and the other for heading down. Weird. And very James Bond-esque. For those of you who have seen it before, nevermind. For those of you who haven't...check it out!

Proof of the car elevator.

One for the Zahid fans. This pic was taken by my friends' Nokia 6600 during the shooting of the Akademi Fantasia teledrama they were shooting I think last month..

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

...and the alphabet... Z

Nothing much to tell to say. The morning was silly and not worth talking about.

Busy shit today. Anyway for fans of Jac who won Malaysian Idol, here's good news. Her album's coming out on Dec 13 in all record stores. Semalam ada pre-listening, and I must say the album is worth a buy.

Hung out at Sony-BMG sebab malas balik in the jam, tambah ngantuk tahap cipan.

Ok lah...dah tengah malam ni. Need some sleep. Got quite a lot of work for tomorrow.

News got no interesting Page 1 for tomorrow, and meka sibuk mintak2 aku nak carik bahan. First choice, mintak call Datuk Sharifah Aini. Gila lah meka ni mintak aku nak wat isu tengah malam. Kak Pah memang ok dan accesible tapi sapa tak ngamuk kalau da nak kul 2 pagik nak call lak! Cis!

Aku nak ciao jumpa Arm for supper. Aku kebulur ni. Kira since 5am this morning aku baru telan dua peket mee maggie, sebotol susu, kuih dua tiga ketul and one coffee. Dah laa sejam je malam tadi membuta sat kat opis tak tahan punya pasal. And that's more than 24 hours siot aku tak tidur. Gila babas!

Ok lah...surrender...nak catch some zzz's.

Sony-BMG punya office's main attraction for me. This huge Beyonce poster...rasa nak kebas je! Almost life size tuh!

Jac...hah lupa cakap...the album includes a new version of Gemilang, as well as the live version, along with When I Fall In Love and Tunggu Sekejap.

Monday, December 06, 2004

MTV needs you!

OH CHRIST! I was just surfing, and I decided to surf into the MTV Asia Awards website, just for the fun of it while finishing some work (having your sister ask you house sit her home with Streamyx helps). I thought I'd do my civic duty and vote, and what the fuck do I see?

Siti Nurhaliza still leading by almost two thirds majority of the votes.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against her...professionally that is. I think she can sing, and she is undoubtedly ONE of the best we have to offer. BUT SERIOUSLY!!! Dah tak ada bakat lain ke asyik dia saja. It's amazing how fanatical her fans are to go all out to ensure she wins everything.

Now that she seems to have lost grasp of the awards decided by professionals, the public vote is her only stronghold. GOD! Can you people go out there and VOTE please! I am going to Bangkok for the MTVAA and the last person I want to hear when the regional and international press interview as the Malaysian winner is Siti. She's good...but not THAT good!

I've been at the MTVAA for three years now since the first (and the second and third...) was held in Singapore. And I really want to enjoy the fourth....but since the Chinese consider '4' as death (the pronounciation is the same, that's why the number is unlucky-the East's 13, if you must).

Hope you guys get voting or there'll be no complaining about how Siti sweeps everything. My vote goes to Too Phat! But for all the Misha Omar fans and RuffEdge fans as well, hey you guys better get in gear cause I REALLY want anyone else to win except Siti (But not bad enough for Spider to win -bleuuurgh! puke!)


Too Phat ( 1.63 %)
Siti Nurhaliza ( 71.1 % )
Misha Omar ( 21.17 % )
Spider ( 0.77 % )
RuffEdge ( 5.33 % )

*My blog was attacked later in the morning. This is another entry I've added. I have no fucking idea what their problem is (no, they weren't Siti Nurhaliza fans), but I would suggest they refrain from any shit activities to for the sake of the innocent being hurt. And for that I mean the very people's close buds. Don't fuck with me for no reason. Have a nice day, kiddies...

Saturday, December 04, 2004

I use Maybank...but they screw you!

I use Maybank...and of course I use for most of my transactions. You know...checking online whether my pay has been banked in...reloading my mobile many things more.

But I read this thing from someone I know and I think I am just aout sick of Maybank. If you're a customer of the bank, you would of course know that every fifth transaction gets charged RM0.50.

Now I've learned thay registered users will have to pay a RM1.00 fee per month starting 20 December 2004. This fee will be debited from your Maybank account on a half-yearly basis.

What the fuck?!!!

Are the kidding or what??? Shit!

For you Maybank customers, especially folks like me who use the service, protest against's action!!!

This is just way too much! I hooe you guys out there sign up for the petition for some hope that something can be done...I have.

Friday, December 03, 2004

EXCLUSIVE! KRU and Adam of Akademi Fantasia as never seen before!

OK...I nearly forgot this. This is so exclusive its going to first come out in ANY paper (in my column) this Monday only. So you guys get to see this first! It's going to be from my gossip column this Monday. Enjoy the pictures!

"*THEY'RE known for churning out interesting new talents. Except for the female acts they've dealt with so far, anyway.

Yes, physical assets are always a must with those, however SO WHAT? shocking reveal these exclusive pics that proves, KRU may be 'dragging' things a bit too far!

Yes indeed, the sibling trio will show 'em how its done in their next music video by donning a totally new look!

Well actually, KRU seems to seek continuity in their excellent music videos with an upcoming effort for their latest single taking on Eminem's trademark of playing multiple roles.

The song, Terhangat Di Pasaran, featuring Adam of Akademi Fantasia will take a stab at the latter's own origins, a reality TV show.

Apparently the concept of the music video will be revolving around the storyline of a reality program called 'Jantan Macho...La!' and also features a cameo from popular Akademi Fantasia host, Aznil Nawawi and Malaysian Idol judge Fauziah Latiff.

Terhangat Di Pasaran is expected to hit the airwaves soon, while the album, KRUnisme, will hit the shelves on January. And for those who want to catch the video, make sure you have Astro, because apparently its not going to be aired on other least for now. All SO WHAT?: has to say is, Urgh! Unshaved legs, Yusry? And to Norman and Edry, don't give up your day job, and Adam...we already have Mas."

Unedited version of gossip from SO WHAT? in The Malay Mail this coming Monday.

Total Recall...

HOLY SHIT! It's been one month since my last posting! I've been so tied up and preoccupied with my work and various leisurely activities (wouldn't you like to know) that I've had little time to ponder over when next to update my blog.

Quite a bit has happened the past month, but its too many details. recap, I'll just keep posting some pics of what happened the past month including me meeting SLIPKNOT!

It was fucking amazing as I interviewed Corey the vocalist (#8) and Joey the drummer (#1) and got to hang out with them at their hotel. Also saw Clown and the rest of the gang, but best of all was perhaps what others would have KILLED for.

To hang out with Slipknot backstage for a whole three hours before their concert kicked off. Out of their masks and make-up! Things don't get more exciting than that. Except maybe nights in Patpong...drinking in a club in Silom Road, and shopping like crazy in Prathunam. And getting a free stay at the Pathuwan Princess perhaps?

Zahid's been holding well for those wondering, and fo those of you yang nak kecoh about being true blue fans...saja nak bagi jealous, guess who got a ride around town before we headed for lunch in Bangsar about last week in his new Citroen. Yes!!!

Oh, one story wanted to recap was the last week or so before Aidilfitri, when the Malaysian Idol kids were doing their recording for a Raya programme, Bob (Akademi Fantasia) and I went to hang out with Nikki and Saipul. Won't say much of what happened but it was a fun mini gathering of the East Malaysians.

So what else happened huh? Mmm...I'll recap as I recall...