Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Raya Fever!

OK...I don't really have much to post today but here are some pics of Zahid masa press conference event recently. Siapa nak gambar feeling Raya, ni gambar-gambar Zahid berbaju Melayu.

I also included gambar-gambar dia ngan Mama dan Papa masa mereka berlepas dari KLIA untuk gi umrah last Saturday. Enjoy...

For those interested to know, I will be going to Bangkok on Nov 10 for Slipknot's concert there.

And Bangkok seems to be the most possible destination frequented after Singapore all throughout last year as the MTV Asia Awards 2005 will be held in Bangkok as well sometime late January or early February.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Dah lewat ni, just thought I'd pop in and add some stuff to the blog. It's a lot easier to transfer images from my Nokia now to a PC as Ted, who's just upgraded from his Nokia 3650 (leaving me using it alone now) to a Nokia 7610, has passed on his thumb drive card reader to me. Just plug it in and transfer shit. Yeah!

Anyway, nothing much happened over the weekend. Met someone on Saturday night, we had a quickie and that's it. Nothing long term, as it's going to be long distance.

Anyways, Sunday, Zahid's parents left for umrah, and I joined the rest of the guys at the Kuala Lumpur International airport to bid farewell. Lepas tu, gi berbuka puasa at Hyatt Saujana. Astro had this 'do together with the media and some of the Akademi Fantasia season one and season two kids.

Monday, last night (just hours before I posted this) was Zahid's Milikku music video shoot, which got rained out, but hey, I bet it was fun for those who were there cause when else you gonna spend 12 hours with Zahid, right. Anyway, just came online to share the photos. Enjoy!