Friday, October 15, 2004


I know it's a bit late, but I decided to blog anyway since I'm waiting for my work to be cleared.

Was waiting for Ted's call if he wanted to go out last night when I got a tip off just before 9pm that Sharifah Aini had been attacked. Rushed over to the Damansara Specialist Hospital to check on her and get the news.

Along with her family and closest friends from the media, we spent some time with her. Poor woman was attacked by two men on a motorcycle, after being waylaid near TV3's Sri Pentas.
Not only did they kick and punch her, they also threw in two jabs with a, or two syringes.

Anyway, she was a little subdued from the shock, but was otherwise fine.

Anyways, after coming back to the office to help out on the news report, I decided to upload the pics from my Nokia before I procrastinate any further. Hope you guys enjoy the pics from the past two weeks.