Thursday, October 14, 2004

Hectic week over's been very orangey...

So, I guess I have to keep my promise and add some stuff in my blog, especially what's been of relevance lately.

Sebenarnya, no mood betul nak tulis apa-apa being so sibuk and tired, not to mention horny as hell! I need to get laid! Apart from that it's been a wonderful week or two apart from the one or two shitty days in between.

First development, on Oct 10, ZA8FC had the Kenduri Roti Canai, which was great. We had, I think, about 6,000 to 8,000 people present and we had great fun. The fan club has some photos from our photographer of me and Nana hosting the event, onstage together with Zahid, so I'll try posting them as soon as possible, apart from the ones from my mobile, which dah sarat with too many pics that have yet to be transferred. I apologise. Janji secepat mungkin la transfer semua.

Siap ada pic ngan Zahid where both of us berbaju melayu lagi, taken masa shooting open house Akademi Fantasia special malam semalam.

Anyways, I'll leave you with lots of pics from my paper on all the events. Enjoy and promise to post more stuff tomorrow.

Apart from those events, it was nice also because the fan club kinda bonded finally (here's hoping it's for real).

After my last ranting post, where I was absolutely pissed about everything, everything seems to have fallen into place and eased up. And even Zahid's mom and dad have taken me on as their 'anak angkat', which makes Zahid my 'adik angkat'. Yeah!

Only real bad news of the week is my mom has been certified deaf. She needs hearing aids for both ears, and that makes me sad. Well, she's and will always be beautiful to me, and perfect in every way, but I suppose everyone thinks of their moms that way.

Well, things will work out, and my sis is coming home next week to talk about the family's financial situation. All I know is, I'm going to blow a lot, possibly my whole bonus on my mom and dad. But even before that happens, I know that its definitely going to be worth every sen.
So away from all this sad news, hope you guys enjoy the pics, and here's to meeting you tomorrow, blogger.