Monday, October 18, 2004

Extreme makeover!

Just watched this programme on 8tv, Extreme Makeover, and had some thoughts to share, that's why buggered online to put 'em down.

This episode I watched had this partially deaf woman who was also losing her eyesight go for the complete know the nose, brow, eyelids, facelift, nip and tuck and boob job. Apart from this revolutionary job done on her hearing and her sight to have them corrected.

The end result was of course fabulous (why else would they have show it on TV, right?) but the important thing was that it moved me to tears, just like it did with her family.

I guess it was simply I wish I could afford half the treatments, no not for myself (though I wouldn't mind the nose job and the nip and tuck AND the eyelids thing) but I wanted it all for my mom.

The woman's kids were going on and on about how it would boost their mom's self esteem and such, and it really hit a nerve.

I mean, my mom has diabetes, plus on top of that suspected Parkinsons. That apart from the fact she's losing her eyesight, and partially lost her hearing. All this means, she's going to be unable to work soon. Which is not much of help cause my dad isn't working too (both my parents over 60).

Anyway, with their saving and such all gone to pay off debts of a failed business venture (no thanks to my fucking relatives) they still have a stack of bills to pay. My sis came home yesterday to discuss things and I'm really proud of how she took stock of things.

We're going to both chip in and hopefully by beginning of the year we'll be able to let my mom stop work. It's going to be hard to carry on, as I suppose many small luxuries are going to be sacrificed. But the main concern on my mind is not how normal bills are going to get paid with one less income, but how am I going to afford making my parent's lives so much happier, which they deserve.

My bonus coming out soon has practically been spent. I mean, I need to get my dad new specs, then there's his dentures as well. My mom, her hearing aids (which I'm sharing with sis) and then her possible operation on her hands which have been trembling no end.

Life is so fucking unfair...but in the words of Calvin (from Calvin & Hobbes) ..."Why isn't it ever unfair in my favour"....Life sucks....