Sunday, October 24, 2004


OK, for those of you who surfed into my blog over the weekend, you would have noticed the lack of pics, substituted by the notice 'Bandiwdth Exceeded' on every spot with a pic! Apparently while I was only using half my storage space, bloody's bandwidth, which is the free image hosting site I'm using is bloody fucking limited.

So at 5.30am on bloody Sunday morning, I have transferred most of the images on the front page so far to, so that there'll be most of the pics back to normal. I promise to sort out everything on Monday, on whenever possible.

But since I'm here, here's the lousy report of my miserable weekened. Didn't do much...highlight was the 'Bersahur bersama era' event at 3am (!!!) on Saturday morning which was good for a laugh! Didn't even sleep...just continued after berbuka puasa with WHAM (that's Persatuan Wartawan Hiburan Malaysia or the entertainment journalists' association in Malaysia), then went and did a spot of clubbing followed by the bersahur event.

Apart from that, boring week. Who knows I may have plans today, though I seriously doubt it.

Anyway, bumped into that nasyid group Mirwana, who picked up two awards at Anugerah era baru-baru ni...nice boys but seriously still don't think too much of them. Maybe it's cause I'm more into the vocals of Nowseeheart when it comes to nasyid (yes, I do listen to nasyid!) because they're really soulful and harmonious.

Anyway ada satu benda lagi before I end this entry.

Last Friday the pics of the second bodyguard of a Datuk arrested in connection with the murder of that 14 year-old boy which made headlines, had me gaping. If many thought the first bodyguard in pinoy Resty Agpolo (I think that's how you spell his name) was hot, the second one was a WOW!

The 24 year-old Najib Zulkifli is like totally a looker. Wish I could afford bodyguards like him! But of course only if he doesn't kill 14 year-old boys. Anyways, that's all I'm posting....see you later blogger...