Thursday, October 21, 2004


Title says it all...wasn't too bad though last night...Watie, my friend...and I went to Zahid's house after dinner. We reached bout 10pm and can you believe it, that boy tengah makan!

He's a funny one. Won't mention his affection for bodily functions and the lack of control....but anyways, lepak sekejap cause I had something to talk over with him about.

Call Datuk Sharifah Aini and passed the phone to Zahid to talk to her and wish her well because he didn't have the opportunity to visit her.

Spoke to her some and sent love and well wishes from everyone including mama and papa (Zahid's parents), my own well as Bob of Akademi Fantasia season two as well. Bob yang mintak pesan tak ingat-ingat pulak. Anyway, tu je lah.

Zahid keluar dengan Hafiz pastu and Watie and I decided to just hang out and we headed back home only bout 3am.

So bored...dunno what to do tonight....sigh