Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Perut angin semacam je memanjang sejak puasa. Adus. Lapar aku leh tahan but the discomfort of my failing bodily functions is another matter altogether.

Anyway tak buat apa-apa sangat semalam. Kelam-kabut.Dalam bosan nak gi tengok wayang seorang, which I did at KLCC. Caught 3/4 of White Chick yang lawak typical of the Wayans brothers sebelum nak rush to a meeting.

Met up with Watie pastu and drop by Zahid's place nak passing barang. Mama, Papa Zahid nak gi umrah Ahad ni so sembang jap lah.

Anyway after had a drink with Watie, dropped her home, saja cari internet cafe yang ada webcam, nak online chat cari kawan-kawan lama. Kelakar juga lah jumpa old friends online yang dah lama tak jumpa aku.

Anyway hari ni tak banyak cerita. Just wanted to share these photos yang aku took with the webcam semalam. See you blogger..

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Damn photobucket.com!

OK, for those of you who surfed into my blog over the weekend, you would have noticed the lack of pics, substituted by the notice 'Bandiwdth Exceeded' on every spot with a pic! Apparently while I was only using half my storage space, bloody photobucket.com's bandwidth, which is the free image hosting site I'm using is bloody fucking limited.

So at 5.30am on bloody Sunday morning, I have transferred most of the images on the front page so far to imagecave.com, so that there'll be most of the pics back to normal. I promise to sort out everything on Monday, on whenever possible.

But since I'm here, here's the lousy report of my miserable weekened. Didn't do much...highlight was the 'Bersahur bersama era' event at 3am (!!!) on Saturday morning which was good for a laugh! Didn't even sleep...just continued after berbuka puasa with WHAM (that's Persatuan Wartawan Hiburan Malaysia or the entertainment journalists' association in Malaysia), then went and did a spot of clubbing followed by the bersahur event.

Apart from that, boring week. Who knows I may have plans today, though I seriously doubt it.

Anyway, bumped into that nasyid group Mirwana, who picked up two awards at Anugerah era baru-baru ni...nice boys but seriously still don't think too much of them. Maybe it's cause I'm more into the vocals of Nowseeheart when it comes to nasyid (yes, I do listen to nasyid!) because they're really soulful and harmonious.

Anyway ada satu benda lagi before I end this entry.

Last Friday the pics of the second bodyguard of a Datuk arrested in connection with the murder of that 14 year-old boy which made headlines, had me gaping. If many thought the first bodyguard in pinoy Resty Agpolo (I think that's how you spell his name) was hot, the second one was a WOW!

The 24 year-old Najib Zulkifli is like totally a looker. Wish I could afford bodyguards like him! But of course only if he doesn't kill 14 year-old boys. Anyways, that's all I'm posting....see you later blogger...

Thursday, October 21, 2004


Title says it all...wasn't too bad though last night...Watie, my friend...and I went to Zahid's house after dinner. We reached bout 10pm and can you believe it, that boy tengah makan!

He's a funny one. Won't mention his affection for bodily functions and the lack of control....but anyways, lepak sekejap cause I had something to talk over with him about.

Call Datuk Sharifah Aini and passed the phone to Zahid to talk to her and wish her well because he didn't have the opportunity to visit her.

Spoke to her some and sent love and well wishes from everyone including mama and papa (Zahid's parents), my own parents...as well as Bob of Akademi Fantasia season two as well. Bob yang mintak pesan tak ingat-ingat pulak. Anyway, tu je lah.

Zahid keluar dengan Hafiz pastu and Watie and I decided to just hang out and we headed back home only bout 3am.

So bored...dunno what to do tonight....sigh

Monday, October 18, 2004

Extreme makeover!

Just watched this programme on 8tv, Extreme Makeover, and had some thoughts to share, that's why buggered online to put 'em down.

This episode I watched had this partially deaf woman who was also losing her eyesight go for the complete makeover...you know the nose, brow, eyelids, facelift, nip and tuck and boob job. Apart from this revolutionary job done on her hearing and her sight to have them corrected.

The end result was of course fabulous (why else would they have show it on TV, right?) but the important thing was that it moved me to tears, just like it did with her family.

I guess it was simply I wish I could afford half the treatments, no not for myself (though I wouldn't mind the nose job and the nip and tuck AND the eyelids thing) but I wanted it all for my mom.

The woman's kids were going on and on about how it would boost their mom's self esteem and such, and it really hit a nerve.

I mean, my mom has diabetes, plus on top of that suspected Parkinsons. That apart from the fact she's losing her eyesight, and partially lost her hearing. All this means, she's going to be unable to work soon. Which is not much of help cause my dad isn't working too (both my parents over 60).

Anyway, with their saving and such all gone to pay off debts of a failed business venture (no thanks to my fucking relatives) they still have a stack of bills to pay. My sis came home yesterday to discuss things and I'm really proud of how she took stock of things.

We're going to both chip in and hopefully by beginning of the year we'll be able to let my mom stop work. It's going to be hard to carry on, as I suppose many small luxuries are going to be sacrificed. But the main concern on my mind is not how normal bills are going to get paid with one less income, but how am I going to afford making my parent's lives so much happier, which they deserve.

My bonus coming out soon has practically been spent. I mean, I need to get my dad new specs, then there's his dentures as well. My mom, her hearing aids (which I'm sharing with sis) and then her possible operation on her hands which have been trembling no end.

Life is so fucking unfair...but in the words of Calvin (from Calvin & Hobbes) ..."Why isn't it ever unfair in my favour"....Life sucks....

Friday, October 15, 2004

Peace out...

OK...so I'm supposed to be home now.But I decided to hop back to the office for the sake of just hanging out. Anyways, I came across something quite interesting.

This was in my email and it's called the man of peace, so-called because he's apparently 'walking' across the world through emails and everyone's supposed to circulate him for the sake of peace or something like that.

Anyway, since I hate people who spam, as I hate spamming myself, I decided to post it as it is kind of interesting, and for those of you who have nothing better to do, than save the pic and pass it on to whomever you choose to spam.



I know it's a bit late, but I decided to blog anyway since I'm waiting for my work to be cleared.

Was waiting for Ted's call if he wanted to go out last night when I got a tip off just before 9pm that Sharifah Aini had been attacked. Rushed over to the Damansara Specialist Hospital to check on her and get the news.

Along with her family and closest friends from the media, we spent some time with her. Poor woman was attacked by two men on a motorcycle, after being waylaid near TV3's Sri Pentas.
Not only did they kick and punch her, they also threw in two jabs with a, or two syringes.

Anyway, she was a little subdued from the shock, but was otherwise fine.

Anyways, after coming back to the office to help out on the news report, I decided to upload the pics from my Nokia before I procrastinate any further. Hope you guys enjoy the pics from the past two weeks.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Hectic week over finally...it's been very orangey...

So, I guess I have to keep my promise and add some stuff in my blog, especially what's been of relevance lately.

Sebenarnya, no mood betul nak tulis apa-apa being so sibuk and tired, not to mention horny as hell! I need to get laid! Apart from that it's been a wonderful week or two apart from the one or two shitty days in between.

First development, on Oct 10, ZA8FC had the Kenduri Roti Canai, which was great. We had, I think, about 6,000 to 8,000 people present and we had great fun. The fan club has some photos from our photographer of me and Nana hosting the event, onstage together with Zahid, so I'll try posting them as soon as possible, apart from the ones from my mobile, which dah sarat with too many pics that have yet to be transferred. I apologise. Janji secepat mungkin la transfer semua.

Siap ada pic ngan Zahid where both of us berbaju melayu lagi, taken masa shooting open house Akademi Fantasia special malam semalam.

Anyways, I'll leave you with lots of pics from my paper on all the events. Enjoy and promise to post more stuff tomorrow.

Apart from those events, it was nice also because the fan club kinda bonded finally (here's hoping it's for real).

After my last ranting post, where I was absolutely pissed about everything, everything seems to have fallen into place and eased up. And even Zahid's mom and dad have taken me on as their 'anak angkat', which makes Zahid my 'adik angkat'. Yeah!

Only real bad news of the week is my mom has been certified deaf. She needs hearing aids for both ears, and that makes me sad. Well, she's and will always be beautiful to me, and perfect in every way, but I suppose everyone thinks of their moms that way.

Well, things will work out, and my sis is coming home next week to talk about the family's financial situation. All I know is, I'm going to blow a lot, possibly my whole bonus on my mom and dad. But even before that happens, I know that its definitely going to be worth every sen.
So away from all this sad news, hope you guys enjoy the pics, and here's to meeting you tomorrow, blogger.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


What a waste of time. I actually had a lot of stuff to post in my blog to date, but because I have and will be busy until Thursday plus I have had to play mediator to people's egos, and face come criticism for my own nonchalant criticisms in my writing, I am just totally screwed to waste time here for the moment.

Focusing my energy on voodoo deaths for those losers who make my life almost not worth living.YOU PEOPLE ARE TAKING UP MY SHARE OF OXYGEN WITH YOUR HOT AIR BURNING A HOLE IN THE OZONE LAYER! SHUT THE FUCK UP....

More stuff soon...I promise.

Friday, October 01, 2004


Nothing much to say. Updates : era.fm just confirmed the arrangements for the Kenduri Roti Canai showdown between Seelan and Zahid.

Maestro folks missing so got to fax the press release and invitations only on Monday.

Astro meanwhile confirmed that they will put up the nine 'wills' that Zahid wrote for each week of the competition in Akademi Fantasia to be auctioned off. Whoopie!

Got to go for the meeting now. Too lazy to upload any pics.