Sunday, September 12, 2004

Whacked weekend

I don't know.This blues have gotten me down enough. I tried to kick it today, but somehow it's bugging me something bad. Anyways, messaged someone if they wanted to go out tonight and he didn't reply so not up to it.Dragged me down further in fact.

But a funny thing happened just now. Ada sorang ni, aku dah pernah perasan dia masa ikut Ted ke Low Yat Plaza about two months ago. Kira elok lah rupa, cuaght my eye immediately! But masa tu dalam one of the IT stores maa tu, depan khalayak ramai tak berani pulak tegur.

Today, at this Malaysian Idol tea party thingie they held at Lot 10, one of my friends brought along his friend. Aku pandang je dari hujung rambut ke hujung kaki! Elok! The funny part was finally we started talking, and I discovered dia kerja Low Yat.

To cut a long story short, memang dia lah yang aku usha masa tu! Dapatlah nombor phone dia dan pastu janji nak jumpa! Entahlah jadi ke tak...going by my luck rasanya hampeh kot. But who knows, right?

Hoping for the best....anyways, esok is the Malaysian Idol results show, and I'm hoping Nikki stays. So kalau korang berhati perut type 'Vote Nikki' and send to 33308. I want to see her stay on.

Anyway...I guess this is all I'm up to typing for a Saturday night (my most pathetic in months!) Good night blogger.