Sunday, September 26, 2004


Finished tonnes of work today.Stayed overnight at the office since last night's Anugerah ERA where I was sitting with Lutfi along with Zahid's mom and dad.

Great show, Zahid's of course. More importantly, he Heeled! Everyone blamed me for influencing him on the shoes, which I can't deny, but it's not like I forced him to buy them or anything. Still glad I got the chance to give him a few pointers the day before. He looks good on the Heelys!

Anyway, nothing much to add, I really want to head home now. Hungry and need a shower, which I've gone 24 hours without by now.

Just wanted to add something with the new blog look. Only reason wanted to change was for the orange theme. No prizes for guessing why....Cheers!

PS Blogger...
Messaged Zahid in the morning, and he just reached Sabah for his show in Penampang late morning. He said something hurtful, but not intentionally, but he was sweet enough to apologise enough for it.
God...I need food!
Oh yeah, and I nearly forgot. Seelan has confirmed era.FM will be working with us on Kenduri Roti Canai. Excellent!