Friday, September 24, 2004

Busy busy busy

Did not have time to upload the pics of Zahid and I from a couple of days ago as promised.

Meetings the whole day not to mention sending in my gossip column and also the special for Anugerah ERA 2004.

On the plus side, got relatively good news, for the ZA8FC that is. Zahid's OFFICIAL fan club of which I'm helping out.

The Kenduri Roti Canai on 10th of next month is happening, and Maestro has given thumbs up to endorse the fan club and its activities including the kenduri. Better news later in the night, has given thumbs up to work with us on the kenduri for coverage. Called Nikki amidst all the confusion and tried to convinced her that her single, Lara, is really, really AWESOME!

Which it, of course is.

Know she can make it. One day, hope to look back on this blog and say, I said it first.

Messaged and called Ted. Need to collect debt from him, not much, only totalling RM50, but am on the brink of being utterly broke. He just got his pay so it's cool with him, plus while he was broke beginning of the week and I bailed him out, he can now bail ME out as my pay doesn't come in until Monday. Expected to, at least.

But this months' overtime should be loads cause I had a lot of claims last month, which made all the running around worth it, I suppose.

Tomorrow another bout of running around. One article I HAVE to finish latest by Sunday for Tuesday.

Plus gossip collecting tomorrow on venue at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil during the final sound checks and rehearsals for AE04.

Right now...I just want to go home and sleep. Didn't get much with all that sex last night.
There's always a downside to everything.

PS. Promise to post the pics I promise as soon as I can.