Thursday, September 30, 2004

Roti Canai fever!

Still tak sempat tu upload the pics of Zahid in the studio from my Nokia.So I suppose this will have to do for the moment. These roti canai ones were taken earlier in the day before entering the studio. They came out in most of todays papers.

The others with Zahid posing in the Mercedes SLK were taken no too long ago masa photo shoot with Misha, but why would we want Misha 's pics with Zahid right. Anyways, lots of work so got to go. Just finished talking to Zahid's dad earlier and lots of other phone calls about the Kenduri Roti Canai on 10/10/2004.

Peninglah camni!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


I haven't uploaded pics from my Nokia of being in the studio with Zahid today for his recording of Milikku, but here's some pics my photographer took. It was from about 1pm to about 5pm and Cat was in for about a few hours to supervise the recording. All I can say about is, it's GOOD!

Of course I'm biased, so I don't expect anyone to believe me, but give it a listen. It's expected to be part of the mini album due out on Oct 11.

Nothing much to say really for today. PAY IS OUT! So thank GOD! Now I can finally go shopping. I'm actually richer this month and I can get myself some nice stuff. OK, hope you guys enjoy the pics. Ciao for today.

Don't touch those buttons Zahid!

With Cat of RuffEdge working on the recording earlier today.

Finally, working on his magic!.

Monday, September 27, 2004


OK...I know I promised ages ago for pics of last week to be uploaded, here they finally are. Got to rush off for the ZA8FC meeting for planning on the Kenduri Roti Canai on 10/10. Nothing much to say. Some interesting developements for Nikki, but can't reveal anything here.

As for Zahid, esok ada press conference for him. MKLand is organising a Parti Roti Canai for him, which has nothing to do with our official function. It's more thier self-indulgent thingie just cause they've booked him for a show.

So anyways, that's at 11am. Immediately after, will be joining him in the studio for the recording of Kau Milikku with RuffEdge' Cat to be included in the mini album for the Akademi Fantasia kids, EVO0104. Enjoy the pics, and see you guys tomorrow. Raining cats and dogs here. I just love depressing weather like this...go figure...

Yours truly and Glenn Fredly at the Anugerah Era 2004 rehearsals last Friday night. He is SO charismatic!

Latest pics with the Orange one from last week before the show at Central Market.

A pic Nikki passed me during a photo shoot with a magazine before she got eliminated as well as another I took during her Lot 10 meet the fans session before elimination.

Sunday, September 26, 2004


Finished tonnes of work today.Stayed overnight at the office since last night's Anugerah ERA where I was sitting with Lutfi along with Zahid's mom and dad.

Great show, Zahid's of course. More importantly, he Heeled! Everyone blamed me for influencing him on the shoes, which I can't deny, but it's not like I forced him to buy them or anything. Still glad I got the chance to give him a few pointers the day before. He looks good on the Heelys!

Anyway, nothing much to add, I really want to head home now. Hungry and need a shower, which I've gone 24 hours without by now.

Just wanted to add something with the new blog look. Only reason wanted to change was for the orange theme. No prizes for guessing why....Cheers!

PS Blogger...
Messaged Zahid in the morning, and he just reached Sabah for his show in Penampang late morning. He said something hurtful, but not intentionally, but he was sweet enough to apologise enough for it.
God...I need food!
Oh yeah, and I nearly forgot. Seelan has confirmed era.FM will be working with us on Kenduri Roti Canai. Excellent!

Friday, September 24, 2004

Busy busy busy

Did not have time to upload the pics of Zahid and I from a couple of days ago as promised.

Meetings the whole day not to mention sending in my gossip column and also the special for Anugerah ERA 2004.

On the plus side, got relatively good news, for the ZA8FC that is. Zahid's OFFICIAL fan club of which I'm helping out.

The Kenduri Roti Canai on 10th of next month is happening, and Maestro has given thumbs up to endorse the fan club and its activities including the kenduri. Better news later in the night, has given thumbs up to work with us on the kenduri for coverage. Called Nikki amidst all the confusion and tried to convinced her that her single, Lara, is really, really AWESOME!

Which it, of course is.

Know she can make it. One day, hope to look back on this blog and say, I said it first.

Messaged and called Ted. Need to collect debt from him, not much, only totalling RM50, but am on the brink of being utterly broke. He just got his pay so it's cool with him, plus while he was broke beginning of the week and I bailed him out, he can now bail ME out as my pay doesn't come in until Monday. Expected to, at least.

But this months' overtime should be loads cause I had a lot of claims last month, which made all the running around worth it, I suppose.

Tomorrow another bout of running around. One article I HAVE to finish latest by Sunday for Tuesday.

Plus gossip collecting tomorrow on venue at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil during the final sound checks and rehearsals for AE04.

Right now...I just want to go home and sleep. Didn't get much with all that sex last night.
There's always a downside to everything.

PS. Promise to post the pics I promise as soon as I can.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

I know I've been ignoring my blog lately, but I've found my life simply too uninteresting or too uneventful at least of late to have anything to talk about.

Yesterday was a relief though. Met Zahid after not meeting with some, just talking a bit on the phone to catch up on what he's been up to.

So yesterday, had an interview with Freddie Fernandez and Aman of Maestro Talent and Management. After I was done in about two hours or so, one by one, all the kids from Akademi Fantasia, except for Linda and Fitri, traipse in for a script reading session.

Dapat lah lepak lepas rindu jumpa seorang-seorang , especially Zahidlah of course.

Anyway, they were headed to a show in Central Market after that, and some of the girls ajak me to join, which I did after some doubts. I mean, at least I could gab with Zahid a little bit more.

After all, sebelum tu dia macam malas sikit nak sembang dengan aku. But while everyone hauled ass, Freddie called up and told 'em to halt, and chill out and come later. So we all gathered kat mamak kat Bukit Damansara tu yang bawah office Maestro and had a drink.

Dok pot-pet for just below an hour later, we all convoyed ler ke Central Market. Ted joined and layan pot-pet ngan Bob while aku layan Apiz, Aypol and Zahid ler, the two being his best friends.

Masa sampai, and Zahid was changing in the car, I noticed a Heelys box in the boot of Apiz's car, and he answered when I asked that it was Zahid's.

Ahh! A newbie on wheels, leh buli ni. And Zahid didn't seemed to amused by the thought! Hah!

Tough luck boy!

Anyways lepas punya lepak, function abis I rushed back to the office and finished some work.

Not very eventful sounding huh?

But it was. First of all it was nice to see Zahid after a bit.

Secondly, I got a copy of Nikki's single already, a cover of Ziana Zain's Lara on Monday, and everyone I've played it too since then has been giving raving reviews about it. Maestro in fact wants to consider helping her out if not possibly signing her on.

Someone in (I will not drop names) is a fan, and I hope to get it played soon.

Sigh...that's all really. Not as great as I made it out to be, my day was. Today has been more relaxed dok opis buang masa makan gaji sampai tengah malam going at snail's pace to finish my work.

Tomorrow's a different tune altogether.

Meeting up with Fathul and Kyrra for a meeting between ZA8FC and Maestro at 1pm. Then rushing to meet Hawa at Astro before we head for rehearsals of Anugerah Era 04 at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil.

Then have to rush back to the office to finish up my gossip column. HELP!

Anyway, here are some old pics I found, which I haven't put up here. The first are my old pic from 2002 and 2003 (something like that) and the next set are part of my celebrity pics. Check out the one of me and Siti taken in 2001 (back when I was on talking terms with her).

Enjoy....until tomorrow (hopefully) when I post the pics of me and Zahid from last night. Toodle doo.

My old pics...don't laugh! (PS I wasn't wearing pants in the first two pics, was just trying out my new digital camera in 2002 in my room)

Some pics of me and celebs while on the job. This particular pic of me and Shane from Westlife was taken in 2002 at the MTV Asia Awards in Singapore when I got to hang with them before interviewing. He is perhaps the international celebrity that I have the most pics with, with about half a dozen or more, all taken on different occasions when I got to hang with the band. Then there's Kelly Clarkson and me from 2003 when I hung out with her after an interview in Singapore while she was on her promo tour (sweet gal).The next one's MTV VJ, Utt, who I've met quite often, and is quite a nice guy. He still recognises me whenever we meet, and he never fails to acknowledge me whenever we bump into each other. The last one is Siti Nurhaliza of course. I think this was taken at the Anugerah Bintang Popular in 2001. Can't recall, but in times when we were on talking terms. Why aren't we now? Malas lah nak elaborate.

Monday, September 13, 2004

The Blues Come To An End

After last night, I finally realised what my blues was all about. This foreboding sense of doom that haunted me throughout last week was the this predestined blues of Nikki being eliminated from Malaysian Idol blast night.

Today I feel a burden lifted off me, and it just came to me that I had this feeling the whole bloody week, which ended with me telling Adrianna, Nikki's sister, that I had a feeling Jac would be in the bottom three with Nikki as we were going up the elevator to Alam Sentral for the results show.

Sigh, I hate being right in these cases.

Anyway, she WILL be releasing an album, I'm sure of it, while the rest of the supposed Idols can just go home and suck eggs for all I personally care.

I've said it once and I'll say it again, ignorance is bliss and sarcasm is wasted on the stupid. And those delusional motherfuckers remaining actually think they can sing! Bleurgghh!

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Whacked weekend

I don't know.This blues have gotten me down enough. I tried to kick it today, but somehow it's bugging me something bad. Anyways, messaged someone if they wanted to go out tonight and he didn't reply so not up to it.Dragged me down further in fact.

But a funny thing happened just now. Ada sorang ni, aku dah pernah perasan dia masa ikut Ted ke Low Yat Plaza about two months ago. Kira elok lah rupa, cuaght my eye immediately! But masa tu dalam one of the IT stores maa tu, depan khalayak ramai tak berani pulak tegur.

Today, at this Malaysian Idol tea party thingie they held at Lot 10, one of my friends brought along his friend. Aku pandang je dari hujung rambut ke hujung kaki! Elok! The funny part was finally we started talking, and I discovered dia kerja Low Yat.

To cut a long story short, memang dia lah yang aku usha masa tu! Dapatlah nombor phone dia dan pastu janji nak jumpa! Entahlah jadi ke tak...going by my luck rasanya hampeh kot. But who knows, right?

Hoping for the best....anyways, esok is the Malaysian Idol results show, and I'm hoping Nikki stays. So kalau korang berhati perut type 'Vote Nikki' and send to 33308. I want to see her stay on.

Anyway...I guess this is all I'm up to typing for a Saturday night (my most pathetic in months!) Good night blogger.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Still Got The Blues

Been down the past week or so, I have no idea why cause the reason seems to keep changing day in and day out.

Anyways, feel slightly better today, less stressed and all, so I'm having a relaxed day today, with enough sleep and all. Nothing much to post. Heard that Zahid is going to Sabah this Sunday. Dia bagitau masa call dia semalam, probably on a show (doubt on personal).

Anyway, I promise I will be updating my blog more often (like you haven't heard that before).

Going for Malaysian Idol tonight, Nikki is doing Emotions, so hope she's going to do it well.

Picking up her sister Adrianne first to go to Alam Sentral together.

See you tomorrow then, blogger, really nothing much on my mind today.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Stills of the past week's what I promised, its pictures day from the past weeks stock of photos that I haven't had the opportunity to post. Enjoy...Most of it is with Zahid and the rest of the kids (I seem to have no life beyond them) but a surprise further below with Kris Dayanti and her husband Anang.

Zahid at the Karyawan event

With Farah, Linda and Kaer from Akademi Fantasia - also at the Karyawan dinner

With Zahid after the event - Wajib shot!

Zahid at the Akademi Fantasia Media Appreciation Night - PS He's wearing my teddy bear!

With Zahid after we did the Cek Mek Molek gelek!

My sisters!Linda from Akademi Fantasia season two and Nana from season one

The kids all together for a photo op

With Zahid at the rehearsals of the Konsert Reunion Akademi Fantasia

After the concert - Thank you Zahid for validating ZA8FC! The only two matching ski caps for the night.

Kris Dayanti in town - out with her shopping at 1 Utama

Kris during her PC - cool wig!

During her show at Planet Hollywood

With Kris after the press conference, and more importantly with her husband Anang after Malaysian Idol where he was guest judge last Friday while KD performed

Kyle's mom is a bitch!

You must have noticed I added that silly, irritating, obnoxiously vulgar medley of songs from South Park.

Just feeling blue at the moment, and bloody fucking depressed.That time of the month where loneliness takes its toll, and I just get so blue, so I think the medley of foul nastiness endlessly spewing profanities is something I'm more up to.

Anyways, will be posting tomorrow, or later today (it's past five in the morning and I haven't slept) but not so much on any insightful incidents. Just lots of pics I've been supposed to post for ages now.

Sigh...until several hours later...