Saturday, August 07, 2004

VOTE NIKKI (Malaysian Idol) and AFUNDI ZAHID (Akademi Fantasia)

I don't really have much to post these last couple of days. The past week, actually has been quite routine with nothing really of interest to talk about.

Nothing interesting happening, and even lesser interesting potential dates to talk about.Apart from this person I've bumped into twice.Not the usual mould of the usual types I like but interesting nonetheless Hoping will have a casual 'bump' for a third time. You know what they say about third time lucky, right...

Anyways tonight Nikki comes on in the wildcard show for Malaysian Idol, hope she does well.
Tomorrow is going to be Akademi Fantasia day where one last elimination will take place before the finals next week.

Crossing my fingers for Mas to bugger off finally. I am so bloody sick of her, wrote a totally scathing commentary and review of her due out tomorrow. Hope it comes out right so hopefully MY readers will have some sense at least NOT to vote for her.

Ooh...Christina Aguilera's Beautiful is on the online radio! God, seriously! This song does it for me.Remember my tip, kids....POSITIVITY THROUGH SELF AFFIRMATION!This song just embodies every single bloody sentiment I have on day in and day out...

Anyway, back to Akademi Fantasia, we've all planned to dress up for the night. Am wearing orange in support of Zahid, while Ted's planning to wear some baggy look to support Bob.

Managed to convince Asri to wear orange since I got a ticket for him this week. Also convinced Hatta to wear orange too! Hopefully Farihad does too. It's going to be a riot to see four chubs upfront wearing such a glaringly noticeable colour. Zahid HAS to notice us.

Last met Nikki on Tuesday where I took this shot after I interviewed all the wildcard contestants.

Nikki feasting - We gather she doesn't like to be watched (or photgraphed eating) -check out that killer glare

After finished the Idol session. went back to office and met Linda and Nurul. Linda was there for a photography session while Nurul and a Maestro PR were just accompanying her from a previous engagement. Anyways, had a nice chat. Linda's superb and I am very comfortable with her as I think she is with me.

Nurul who got into my bad books for her performances and remaining in Akademi Fantasia so long too is growing on me. She really is such a sweet, naive girl. She looks up to me as a brother though I keep telling her to call me 'kakak' for a laugh.

She broke down talking to me about her family, so we ran off to a corner while I played Dr Sher Kawi and adviced her on everything from family to career.

Strike a pose! - Linda queens it up!

So back to tomorrow, here's the standings which have been relatively stagnant the past week. It's worrying cause if Mas doesn't get thrown out smack on her rear end out of Akademi Fantasia, Bob is the most likely casualty to follow.

ADAM 19%
KAER 16%
MAS 16%
BOB 16%

I just care about Zahid and Bob making it actually, but I can't stand the sight of Mas. She just irritates the shit out of me for her sheer stupidity, laziness and lack of effort despite her following.'s to an eventful weekend, whatever the outcome.