Monday, August 09, 2004

Surprise! Kejutan hari ini!

OK. First the good news. It was a Sabahan weekend!

Nikki and Rydee BOTH made it into Malaysian Idol finals being the two highest voted contestants (in that order). Rydee made it as a surprise extra wildcard after Sufiah took up the judges choice spot, making it three wildcards in the final, with the total of finalists numbering at 12.

Our Idol! Nikki on extreme left, with two other wildcard qualifiers in Rydee in the centre and Sufiah.

On the Akademi Fantasia front, last Saturday night was a blast!

Mas is finally OUT! And Linda is back IN!

Aznil, being the smart bugger he is, let it boil down to say everyone qualified and asked the audience who they thought would move on, and not too surprisingly, the whole auditorium roared for Zahid.

The surprise announcement of the wildcard round on Saturday night saw Linda entering the Akademi again today, yoohoo! Glad I met up with her in the evening and managed to give her some sound advice for the re-entry though as humble as ever she insisted she wouldn't make it. As if!

Bushed and totally pooped on Sunday night. Had a great sleep and woke up this morning for an interview with Mas (stop laughing!) She was nice, and I'm glad that my dislike for her has been professional. But she is so bloody blur!

Boo! Shocking sight, isn't it! Mas and moi.

Meanwhile was so tired because of The Malay Mail Big Walk Carnival at Dataran Merdeka.

Sarah Raisuddin avoided me like a stench, but did come up to salam before she left, looking away. That girl is so cheesed off with my gossip on her. Too bad girl! Tiring to be running to and fro in the hot sun, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

Have this nice little freak out pic of me together with Cham from V.E. who I totally adore after a chat and a laugh.

Yawn, need to get this shit done for news on Malaysian Idol and Akademi Fantasia for news, then have to go to Ampang to the tailors' and then to Bukit Bintang at 7pm for a meeting. Supposed to try and help out Ted too as he's just moved into his own place. See you later, blogger.