Thursday, August 19, 2004


Not feeling well today but decided I shouldn't shirk my responsibilities to create an entry for my blogger. After all, I've been neglecting it the past few weeks.

Still am very sick, and have only bits of my voice to do with. Supposed to call Vince and Bob for a phone interview today but really couldn't. Same with all my sources for my gossip page, which I'll only rush out tomorrow. So unwell. Not to mention totally lazy.

Used one of the pics of Zahid and I as a wallpaper to make me feel better, which did work awhile as I rushed out story on Malaysian Idol for Friday.

Have quite a bit of work for tomorrow. First off all I have to get my gossip column out, then at 12 I have to hand out passes for Malaysian Idol to lucky readers, which I have to pick up at the stupid brand department first.

I also have a photography session with Mas and Ojah, the most famous (or infamous) chatter at @15.

Also trying to call Bob and Vince for my interviews. So fucking lazy....Oh Zahid...

Damn this Akademi Fantasia fever...this is the longest I've been stuck with a damn fever for yonks!