Monday, August 16, 2004

Akhirnya...kini passsstiiiiiii

First of all, sorry to everyone because I've been neglecting my blog. Have been busy, way too occupied with the finals of Akademi Fantasia, not too mention I'be been really unwell too.

Anyways, first of all, to recap, last Saturday night was the final of Akademi Fantasia. Won't go into much details of the show, except that it was just great. Zahid and Linda deservedly (and predictably) won first and second respectively while that untalented pretty boy Adam nabbed third spot. For those who may be interested to know the placings were as such at the final. Beginning from Zahid (28%), Linda (21%), Adam (14%), Farah (14%), Bob (13%) and Kaer (11%), outside of the top two, it was a close competition.

Anyway, can you believe it??!! The crowd BOOED Linda. Absolutely shameful! Anyway, she was still pretty upset when I met her at the press conference. Pulled her aside and gave her some advice and she felt a little better, though the almost broke down again when the press assaulted her with endless questions. When Bob walked into the room, he smiled and came over to hug me, recognising me from the weekly concerts.

Since I was waiting for Zahid to appear, I quickly introduced him to Ted and waited for Zahid to appear, which he did, shortly. He smiled and gave me a hug. Anyways, I later gave him my card and asked him to SMS me his number, and the next morning I had received a message with a name.

Called the number back but no one picked up. Since I was feeling unwell, I slept back, and later in the evening when I got up, I called the number again...and it WAS him! Back to that night, hung out with them before the shooting of Imbasan Akademi, as well, so here are some of the pics.

Cak! Kejap ada kejap takde! At Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil.

With the love of my life and my baby sister.

Sigh...need i say more? So adorable...

My baby sister in Linda...

With Aznil and Bob

Of course, the night before that we had Malaysian Idol. The whole show was beyond boring, maybe partly because I was not feeling well. Anyway on Sunday, decided skipping going to Alam Sentral for the live crossover and watched Sufiah (No!) and Fazley (Yes!!!) eliminated from competition. Anyway, earlier in the week, took some shots of Nikki and Co. and the press conference. So here are the pics as well.

Sufiah, Nikki and minus Sufiah in the Top 10 (sob!)

A little off topic, but just wanted to share pics of Princess, one of my pet dogs. Princess CANNOT be disturbed when I switch channels to Animal Planet. Here's my couch potato sweetie pie pet in action, or inaction, actually.

Princess, the couch potato

And finally, to avoid this entry from being totally long, here's pic from the final elimination concert (where Mas was kicked out-before Linda was reinstated in) from the week before, which I haven't had the opportunity to post.

Bumped into Ella and Jojie, my 'orang kampung' (we're all from Klang) and decided to take a quick snap for memories' sake. Ok guys...really got to bugger off. Feel like need lots of rest (and Zahid - sigh)...