Friday, August 27, 2004

Senyumlah...senyumlah...ahai...cek mek molek...

I don't know what to say. Whether I should be laughing or still shocked at what happened.

Went for the Media Appreciation night held by Astro for Akademi Fantasia.

And to cut a long story short, masa budak-budak perform, ada saja teman wartawan jadi back-up singer or dancer.

Yang pentingnya, orang Astro dan Maestro rupa-rupanya dah pakat kenakan aku sebab aku fan gila Zahid.

Next thing I knew si Jimmy Trek Selebriti (nothing personal, tapi aku tak kuasa dengan kau! - Yezzaa! tu statement adik-adik berzaman dah) announce nama aku bersama nama Aznil and one more reporter baru yang tergedik-gedik dengan Zahid.

Aku cuba lari, but some of the PRs kejar and held me down. Sampai terjatuh, beb! Si Nija Akademi Fantasia pun tarik-tarik tangan aku and refused to let go..."Cepat abang Joe...Gi lah naik tu..."


Horror betul!

Anyways trudged up, si Zahid jahat paksa aku dok podium ngan mamat sorang lagi tu dok podium lain. Apa lagi, start lagu saja, especially come the chorus, kena paksa gelek lah. Nasib baik gelek aku leh lah tahan, walaupun tak standard Inul Daratista nak gerudi sampai ke lantai!
Si Zahid nampak aku uncomfortable sikit kot, so he came over a lot to gelek with me sampai terlaga our rear ends bila challenge gelek pulak.

Comical...tak terfikir lak saat tu nak mintak member take some shots to share with you guys, tapi aku sure orang Astro banyak tangkap tu! Nak buat bahan bualan lah tu! Setan seekor-seekor tuh!

Anyways it was fun, if not a little surreal. At the end nak balik tu, masa turun dengan Zahid ngan the rest of the group, orang Astro seorang ni ajak join mereka ke Uncle Don.

Nak saja ikut. But takut pulak orang kata kita nak gila glamer. I'm just not that kind of person. If it was just Zahid and one or two friends maybe, tapi ini complete dengan bebudak Akademi Fantasia yang lain.

I have to thank Nana of Akademi Fantasia season one though. Dia jarum aku satu malam.

Ambik ko Nana cubitan maut aku!!! Nasib baik aku sayang kau cam adik aku gak!

Aduh, malas. Nak balik tidur. Esok saja post pics. Mintak-mintak orang Astro berbudi baik hantar pics aku tengah gelek ngan Zahid kat aku!

Monday, August 23, 2004

Fantasia indeed...

A little busy today so I don't have time to do anything much, just thought I'd enter a bit into the blog so as not to disappoint you folks. Last weekend was quite eventful, though perhaps not as much as how I would describe it.

Last Friday night was Malaysian Idol, most of them pulled off a decent show but I thought Nikki was the best (I am soooo biased), but she did indeed rock the house with her take of Jackson 5.

The results however were fucked up as she was in the bootm three with Rydee making the exit together with the Huckleberry Hound lookalike in Fahmy. I broke down when I met Rydee and somehow it became a huge sobbing mess with Rydee, Nikki and me crying our eyes out.

Anyways, hope everything pulls together for Nikki this week as I really do want to see her go on.

On Saturday night, it was the last leg of the Siti Fantasia tour, with Akademi Fantasia season one and two, and it was obvious who the real stars were at the event.

Zahid got the most cheers (hooray!) and I didn't even bother watching the concert after Akademi Fantasia finished their first slot. Just hung out with the kids throughout the night in their dressing room.

Got some quality time with Zahid, while the rest of season two kids warmed up to me when they saw how their senior were so close to me. Anyway, to cut a long story short, so that I can finish my work for today (I have to head for Karyawan's dinner tonight where Zahid will be performing).

A little relieved for today because I just spoke to Zahid on the phone and he's all ok. Sempat juga call Bob yang dah balik kampung kat Sarawak cuti, dengan Linda sekali yang tengah photography masa itu. Enjoy the pictures,

More of Zahid!!!

Zahid and who else???!!!

The rose among the thorns - With Liza, Nija, Linda and Farah

Johnny - the star of the night!

With Ojah - the president of Mas' Fan Club during the photoshoot

Thursday, August 19, 2004


Not feeling well today but decided I shouldn't shirk my responsibilities to create an entry for my blogger. After all, I've been neglecting it the past few weeks.

Still am very sick, and have only bits of my voice to do with. Supposed to call Vince and Bob for a phone interview today but really couldn't. Same with all my sources for my gossip page, which I'll only rush out tomorrow. So unwell. Not to mention totally lazy.

Used one of the pics of Zahid and I as a wallpaper to make me feel better, which did work awhile as I rushed out story on Malaysian Idol for Friday.

Have quite a bit of work for tomorrow. First off all I have to get my gossip column out, then at 12 I have to hand out passes for Malaysian Idol to lucky readers, which I have to pick up at the stupid brand department first.

I also have a photography session with Mas and Ojah, the most famous (or infamous) chatter at @15.

Also trying to call Bob and Vince for my interviews. So fucking lazy....Oh Zahid...

Damn this Akademi Fantasia fever...this is the longest I've been stuck with a damn fever for yonks!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Gambar skandal - tajuk posting je panas.

I'll keep things short and sweet for today, just lots of pics. Zahid was at the office today for interviews with Farah, Adam, Kaer and Bob!

And boy was it fun!!!... Enjoy the pics...Kyrra...jangan makan hati yeak!

Need I say more...adik aku yang gila nih

More pics of Zahid

Photography with Vince

Misha suap. Aku makan je

Monday, August 16, 2004

Akhirnya...kini passsstiiiiiii

First of all, sorry to everyone because I've been neglecting my blog. Have been busy, way too occupied with the finals of Akademi Fantasia, not too mention I'be been really unwell too.

Anyways, first of all, to recap, last Saturday night was the final of Akademi Fantasia. Won't go into much details of the show, except that it was just great. Zahid and Linda deservedly (and predictably) won first and second respectively while that untalented pretty boy Adam nabbed third spot. For those who may be interested to know the placings were as such at the final. Beginning from Zahid (28%), Linda (21%), Adam (14%), Farah (14%), Bob (13%) and Kaer (11%), outside of the top two, it was a close competition.

Anyway, can you believe it??!! The crowd BOOED Linda. Absolutely shameful! Anyway, she was still pretty upset when I met her at the press conference. Pulled her aside and gave her some advice and she felt a little better, though the almost broke down again when the press assaulted her with endless questions. When Bob walked into the room, he smiled and came over to hug me, recognising me from the weekly concerts.

Since I was waiting for Zahid to appear, I quickly introduced him to Ted and waited for Zahid to appear, which he did, shortly. He smiled and gave me a hug. Anyways, I later gave him my card and asked him to SMS me his number, and the next morning I had received a message with a name.

Called the number back but no one picked up. Since I was feeling unwell, I slept back, and later in the evening when I got up, I called the number again...and it WAS him! Back to that night, hung out with them before the shooting of Imbasan Akademi, as well, so here are some of the pics.

Cak! Kejap ada kejap takde! At Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil.

With the love of my life and my baby sister.

Sigh...need i say more? So adorable...

My baby sister in Linda...

With Aznil and Bob

Of course, the night before that we had Malaysian Idol. The whole show was beyond boring, maybe partly because I was not feeling well. Anyway on Sunday, decided skipping going to Alam Sentral for the live crossover and watched Sufiah (No!) and Fazley (Yes!!!) eliminated from competition. Anyway, earlier in the week, took some shots of Nikki and Co. and the press conference. So here are the pics as well.

Sufiah, Nikki and minus Sufiah in the Top 10 (sob!)

A little off topic, but just wanted to share pics of Princess, one of my pet dogs. Princess CANNOT be disturbed when I switch channels to Animal Planet. Here's my couch potato sweetie pie pet in action, or inaction, actually.

Princess, the couch potato

And finally, to avoid this entry from being totally long, here's pic from the final elimination concert (where Mas was kicked out-before Linda was reinstated in) from the week before, which I haven't had the opportunity to post.

Bumped into Ella and Jojie, my 'orang kampung' (we're all from Klang) and decided to take a quick snap for memories' sake. Ok guys...really got to bugger off. Feel like need lots of rest (and Zahid - sigh)...


Monday, August 09, 2004

Surprise! Kejutan hari ini!

OK. First the good news. It was a Sabahan weekend!

Nikki and Rydee BOTH made it into Malaysian Idol finals being the two highest voted contestants (in that order). Rydee made it as a surprise extra wildcard after Sufiah took up the judges choice spot, making it three wildcards in the final, with the total of finalists numbering at 12.

Our Idol! Nikki on extreme left, with two other wildcard qualifiers in Rydee in the centre and Sufiah.

On the Akademi Fantasia front, last Saturday night was a blast!

Mas is finally OUT! And Linda is back IN!

Aznil, being the smart bugger he is, let it boil down to say everyone qualified and asked the audience who they thought would move on, and not too surprisingly, the whole auditorium roared for Zahid.

The surprise announcement of the wildcard round on Saturday night saw Linda entering the Akademi again today, yoohoo! Glad I met up with her in the evening and managed to give her some sound advice for the re-entry though as humble as ever she insisted she wouldn't make it. As if!

Bushed and totally pooped on Sunday night. Had a great sleep and woke up this morning for an interview with Mas (stop laughing!) She was nice, and I'm glad that my dislike for her has been professional. But she is so bloody blur!

Boo! Shocking sight, isn't it! Mas and moi.

Meanwhile was so tired because of The Malay Mail Big Walk Carnival at Dataran Merdeka.

Sarah Raisuddin avoided me like a stench, but did come up to salam before she left, looking away. That girl is so cheesed off with my gossip on her. Too bad girl! Tiring to be running to and fro in the hot sun, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

Have this nice little freak out pic of me together with Cham from V.E. who I totally adore after a chat and a laugh.

Yawn, need to get this shit done for news on Malaysian Idol and Akademi Fantasia for news, then have to go to Ampang to the tailors' and then to Bukit Bintang at 7pm for a meeting. Supposed to try and help out Ted too as he's just moved into his own place. See you later, blogger.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

VOTE NIKKI (Malaysian Idol) and AFUNDI ZAHID (Akademi Fantasia)

I don't really have much to post these last couple of days. The past week, actually has been quite routine with nothing really of interest to talk about.

Nothing interesting happening, and even lesser interesting potential dates to talk about.Apart from this person I've bumped into twice.Not the usual mould of the usual types I like but interesting nonetheless Hoping will have a casual 'bump' for a third time. You know what they say about third time lucky, right...

Anyways tonight Nikki comes on in the wildcard show for Malaysian Idol, hope she does well.
Tomorrow is going to be Akademi Fantasia day where one last elimination will take place before the finals next week.

Crossing my fingers for Mas to bugger off finally. I am so bloody sick of her, wrote a totally scathing commentary and review of her due out tomorrow. Hope it comes out right so hopefully MY readers will have some sense at least NOT to vote for her.

Ooh...Christina Aguilera's Beautiful is on the online radio! God, seriously! This song does it for me.Remember my tip, kids....POSITIVITY THROUGH SELF AFFIRMATION!This song just embodies every single bloody sentiment I have on day in and day out...

Anyway, back to Akademi Fantasia, we've all planned to dress up for the night. Am wearing orange in support of Zahid, while Ted's planning to wear some baggy look to support Bob.

Managed to convince Asri to wear orange since I got a ticket for him this week. Also convinced Hatta to wear orange too! Hopefully Farihad does too. It's going to be a riot to see four chubs upfront wearing such a glaringly noticeable colour. Zahid HAS to notice us.

Last met Nikki on Tuesday where I took this shot after I interviewed all the wildcard contestants.

Nikki feasting - We gather she doesn't like to be watched (or photgraphed eating) -check out that killer glare

After finished the Idol session. went back to office and met Linda and Nurul. Linda was there for a photography session while Nurul and a Maestro PR were just accompanying her from a previous engagement. Anyways, had a nice chat. Linda's superb and I am very comfortable with her as I think she is with me.

Nurul who got into my bad books for her performances and remaining in Akademi Fantasia so long too is growing on me. She really is such a sweet, naive girl. She looks up to me as a brother though I keep telling her to call me 'kakak' for a laugh.

She broke down talking to me about her family, so we ran off to a corner while I played Dr Sher Kawi and adviced her on everything from family to career.

Strike a pose! - Linda queens it up!

So back to tomorrow, here's the standings which have been relatively stagnant the past week. It's worrying cause if Mas doesn't get thrown out smack on her rear end out of Akademi Fantasia, Bob is the most likely casualty to follow.

ADAM 19%
KAER 16%
MAS 16%
BOB 16%

I just care about Zahid and Bob making it actually, but I can't stand the sight of Mas. She just irritates the shit out of me for her sheer stupidity, laziness and lack of effort despite her following.'s to an eventful weekend, whatever the outcome.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Just posting pics...

Okay, so I haven't posted in a while, but then there's not been much developments.

Anyway, Linda, one of my favourites was eliminated last Saturday night, joining Zarina as one of the students who were undeservedly booted off Akademi Fantasia.

On the plus side, it really irked everyone and Mas was booed, that stupid cow!

Anyways, met the Malaysian Idol qualifiers, including Saiful today. Promised to take him to hang out this weekend.

Anyways, also interviewed Linda today. She's so bloody sweet and she just oozes star quality.
Anyway, nothing much to say, calling it quits, just want to finish my work and buggering off.

Lovely Linda...NOT having a bad hair day, unlike me (it IS Monday!)