Sunday, July 18, 2004


Zarina is out of Akademi Fantasia!

What a fucking shocker!

I broke down after initially being stunned when Aznil announced her as the one leaving. Malaysians are just so fucked up! They really don't kow how to fucking appreciate talent.

When voting closed, that bitch screecher Nurul was actually second with 18%! You must be fucking joking. She sounds as good as a toilet flushing! Zahid my fave was of course first with 20%! On the plus side, my other fave Linda was third with 14%. Best news was Adam is down to second last with 9% tied with Kaer and Mas is finally bottom with 8%! That's deserved!

OK...gotta go, Ted's bitching about his contact lenses popping out or something.

Tomorrow's the day for Nikki to find out if she's in the Final 11. Hope she gets it.

PS My birthday wasn't too bad. Ted gave me a wood carved dragon! I even know it costs quite a bit (he didn't take the price tag off) Night blogger.