Saturday, July 24, 2004

Talent? Is that what they call it?

Watched the second workshop of Malaysian Idol, and I can safely say they suck!

Messaged 8TV chief operating officer Ahmad Izham Omar and bitched about it and going on about how it's a sham that three of the losers would automatically move on just by the merit of being Top 3 despite the obvious fact that they SUCKED! Big time!

Anyway, he replied positively and agreed and said that the participants of the second workshop might not make the wild card entries (You don't say!).

Anyway, tomorrow's Akademi Fantasia, and the current standings are as such at the moment.

MAS 14%
ADAM 13%
KAER 13%
BOB 11%

Prediction of who's next to be eliminated : Kaer

Nothing personal as I would prefer to see Nurul or Mas bite the dust, or even Bob and Farah, or even Adam (safe to say every bloody one of them except for Linda and Zahid), but a new trend has emerged, more reliable than voting sentiments I was going on.

Someone from Astro pointed out that the one who's fourth from the bottom always gets eliminated!

And the trend has been maintaining so far, with Edlin, Fitri, Anding and even Zarina being in that precarious position before waving good-bye.

Anyways, am happy going into the concert that the faculty has come down hard on Mas throughout the whole of last week, obviously because they were all pissed that a loser like that could stay on instead of Zarina (You should have seent heir reaction after last week's concert).

Whatever it is, my fave two Linda and Zahid are likely to stay on. And that's what counts.

Anyway, last night went to hang out. Spotted someone I had dated before with some folks I despise. That person had gone on to bitch about me for no apparent reason just because kengkawan dia didn't like me.


Later dropped by Transit and hung out a while. Met this kid studying at Universiti Kuala Lumpur who stood me up for a date once.

Despite acting mature the first time we met, kali ni dia memang a turn off this time around, cause cam bebudak perangai bila ngan kengkawan. You know the kids lingo and all that attitude. Eew!

Dia ajak meet up tomorrow (we'll see) but I'm not exactly holding my breath.

Just as he left, and I was planning to pull away, Ted pointed someone cute, and I told Ted to make a move.

Strangely enough (at that time, at least) dia walked right up to me! Took me a whole minute to recall, that it was someone I had met before and already had a quickie with!

Going back by what I remember, yes, it was an insignificant memory. Dia da gain weight, so it was a little hard to recognise da rupa dia...

As usual, went through the routine of "Why didn't you call me", and "Oh, I've been very busy" etc...

What a loser!

It just brought to mind my relationship with soulmate. The strength of our relationship, apart from the fact that we could converse on the same wavelength was the fact that the sex was great.

At least on my side.

It might be a joke to some when I say it, but I proudly have received compliments before, and my soulmate's praises just reinforced the belief in my undoubtedly give the best erm.. time in bed.

And the moral of the story?

People fancy me for sex! And that's all. Forget relationships...

I've divided people I fancy into two categories. People who I like and have shagged, but just want me as a friend/brother figure etc. Then there's people who I've shagged (and they may or may not want another go) and acknowledge my abilities in the sack, but that's it.

And the conclusion I draw from that is? That I'm a slut by nature, and of circumstance. Not of choice.

To close this extremely long, rambling entry...this recalls an old joke I've heard before, which Ted told me recently.

Question : What's the difference between a whore and a slut?
Answer : A whore sleeps with everyone and a slut sleeps with everyone but YOU!

Signing off, blogger dearest. Gonna catch some sleep, and get a move on early tomorrow. Want to be in Mid Valley Megamall for the Heely demonstration tomorrow. And if my skills are on par, maybe I can show off as well. Wishful thinking.