Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Spinning around

I am coming seriously close to 24 hours without sleep and the effects are getting to me.

I got back early last night, bout 10.30pm (that's like still fucking daylight for me), lazed about, stuffed my face and tuned in to @15 to watch Zahid as he practised over Black Eyed Peas' Where Is The Love? for this weeks' concert.

Finished at about 12.30am, got hooked on some other programme which I can't even remember now (lack of sleep does that to you) and buggered off to my room at about 1.30am. Tried everything I could, and failed.

Gave up tossing and turning at about 4am. Took a quick shower, and dressed and zoomed to the office.

In a space of four hours, by the time the early birds started filing into the office, I already completed two major stories and got a whole lot of surfing done (the perks of free Internet, I admit).

Anyway, thought of being advanced and file the remainder of my gossip by today (not too lhard since recycling last weeks' considering useless bastard sub-editors fucked up last weeks' column).

Did bout half a column (if it's even that far ahead) and starting to feel extremely woozy. Think I'm just gonna smack my head on the PC even as I type this out. I think it's more than advisable to grab a quick 40 winks in the car, while I'm still able to walk to it.

Be back soon to finish the rest of the crap I have to do...zzzzzzzzzz...

Two hours later...

Made my way to the car, am about to crash when something doesn't agree with my system.

After an emergency disposal, make my way back to the car and crash! Woke up two hours later, bothered and bewildered.

Back to work....