Friday, July 16, 2004

Showers of blessing.......

Ahhh! Rain again.While the day started out wet early in the morning, the dreaded searing heat was again in place by midday.

Thankfully at the very moment, huge, heavy drops of rain are pelting the windows noisily in what seems to be a massive shower out there. Raining cats and dogs some might say. I'd prefer the term, raining pussies and bitches. Such a soothing melody...
This is the most relaxed day in a week Í've had all week. Except for the morning

when I was all stressed out trying to get to Berjaya Times Square Hotel for a fucking Malaysian Idol press conference at 10.30am, at bloody 11am! Goddamn fucking KL traffic!

Needless to say I reached at about noon and caught everyone leaving.Not that it mattered much anyway.Stupid 8tv is so fucked up...the whole thing was redundant anyway.

After a stopover at Central Market during lunch hour, just popped into office about half an hour ago and just sorting emails and inserting today's entry into you blogger dearest.

Nikki's on tonight on Malaysian Idol, hope she does well.She promised she would do her best as my birthday's tomorrow and I said it would make the best gift in a long time.

Got another ticket and asked Asri to join for the Akademi Fantasia concert tomorrow with Ted.Damn, I'm going to be so fucking busy with just the two talent shows.

I'm 28 tomorrow..cue for a huge sigh..still no word from my soulmate...

Feeling so bummed out, thought I'd just list out my top ten songs for those blues period to share. So if you're feeling burned after a relationship, get these songs. I guarantee they'll provide the therapy you need to slowly be able to afford a smile again.

My top 10 songs for 'those blues' to wallow in depression with or source strength from

1. No More Drama - Mary J. Blige - taken from the album No More Drama (2002)

2. On My Own - Whitney Houston - taken from the album Just Whitney (2002)
3. Beautiful - Christina Aguilera - taken from the album Stripped (2002)
4. Leave Right Now - Will Young - taken from the album Friday's Child (2003)
5. Thank You - Jamelia - taken from the album Thank You (2003)
6. Thank You For Hearing Me - Sinead O'Connor - taken from the album Universal Mother (1995)
7. The Voice Within - Christina Aguilera - taken from the album Stripped (2002)
8. I Surrender - Celine Dion - taken from The New Day Has Come (2002)
9. No More I Love You's - Annie Lennox - taken from the album Medusa (1999)
10. The Dance - Garth Brooks - taken from the album Garth Brooks (1989)

However, if like me, you may think you've wallowed enough, and just want to let your hair down and boogie your woes away, my recommended listening right now is All Things (Just Keep Getting Better) from Wildlife. You might recognise it as the theme song from Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.

If you love it as much as I do, or just want a really good party song to sweat it off to, get What's That Sound, the soundtrack to the show which also features Elton John, Basement Jaxx, Jamelia and even a Chemical Brothers' mix of Kylie Minogue.

Now where's my disco ball...