Tuesday, July 27, 2004

She works hard for her money...so hard for it honey...

Today I am feeling exceptionally 'rajin'!.

Whether it amounts to anything or not, we'll see.

I got to the Vision Four studio to interview the Idol kids for the third workshop a little late and they all had gone back to continue their rehearsal. Interviewed 8TV chief operations officer Ahmad Izham Omar instead. More interesting than the kids! Anyway, had a right laugh to myself cause I really think there won't be a Malaysian Idol next year the way things are going...we'll see.

Second day and no lawsuit...

OK, going back to work now. I'll leave with a parting pic of Nurul and I from yesterday's interview.

Rolled about on the floor and had a good laugh after a good interview with her. She is like so naive! Nice but so gullible!

I really thought there was more to her, but apparently there isn't.

She asked me about nail care and such...and even asked my advice on singing and performing.

Now...back to work!

Nurul doing a 'Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam' as my bad hair day continues