Friday, July 09, 2004

Proud Mary keeps on turning...

It's been hours at work, and with a relaxed pace (two massive toilet breaks and several other ciggy breaks), I've completed (finally!) my due gossip column, and my lengthy Linkin Park interview.

Staying on still to finish my Anugerah Era 2004 story before I fill up all my overtime claims which have to be submitted today. Be back soon blogger.

Stragely enough, I suppose it is interesting, and much needed to note I feel all gung-ho to finish my work due. Perhaps psychologically, I just need some time off, and taking the burden off my mind that I don't owe any work due to slacking will help me loosen up for the weekend helps. See you in another hour blogger.

PS. The veins in my hands are all popping (Just noticed...) after hours of endless typing.