Tuesday, July 20, 2004


No real developments today. Nothing much happened. Interviewed Zarina from Akademi Fantasia this morning, rushed off to Bangsar to interview the second batch of Malaysian Idol contestants. There, had the envious opportunity to go smack on the granite when I tripped on something invisible going 50km/h on my Heelys. Yes, skating is dangerous...but then again, it's so much FUN!!!

Uhm...let's see...what else. Ajai called me up, told him about Nikki, then called Nikki told her about Ajai. So now the waiting game begins as to when Nikki can come to KL to audition for Ajai.

And that's my day in a nutshell, folks. Now...want to finish some work, though I'll probably end up wasting time posting bitching comments on message boards just to spite people.

Enjoy the photos.

Nikki after the crappy Malaysian Idol results show - playing Suzie Wong

Zarina and yours truly - Hindustan sangat sembunyi kat celah-celah pokok!