Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Oh happy day (a little tired - but still happy!)

So the day started yesterday to be exact. I think I've gotten like two hours in total sleep the last 24 hours.

I have been in the office since something like 4am this morning.

My intention was to finish my work, but I've only been half way through one of the two stories I have to finish.

Sibuk sangat nak cantikkan blog punya pasal. But I think it's worth it. Anyway, still feeling really drowsy. Silly Alam logged me off the PC I was using, and now I can't recall the file name of the story I was working on. Which means I have zero.

Had a smoke and decided to wander down to the photography studio, because I caught Amar from Auditions (yes, that crappy Akademi Fantasia rip-off) having breakfast nearby my office as I was finishing mine.


When I got to the studio, bumped into Azwan Ali and Aznil Nawawi.

Now Azwan was himself, 'kecoh' and talkative as usual, but Aznil was slightly quiet, with me at least.

But then again, we haven't been on talking terms since we had that 'showdown' in Planet Hollywood, about a year or two ago. Memang setiap kali jumpa, both of us would make like the other person's invisible.

Even masa tour Akademi Fantasia throughout last year and early this year.

But surprisingly, he called me aside, I suppose as a peace offering, and I accepted by chatting with him. Lepas kejap, thank goodness, dah ada flow nak sembang balik dah. So I guess we've buried the hatchet.

Anyway, feeling happy, masih frustrated sebab tak nampak pun budak-budak Audition muncul. Went downstairs to Berita Harian's entertainment department, and serempak ngan Farah (Tria) and Amar, two of the winners of Audition. Had a nice chat with Farah yang memang dah kenal. Dalam sembang ngan orang Audition, found out the status about my lawsuit!

More good news. Looks like an empty threat after all. Even if not, I have a pretty solid case.
Anyway, Amar looked as good as always. Minat sangat dia. Anyway sembang dengan dia pun sepatah dua je.

Work related developments have been positive and semangat sikit nak buat kerja, walaupun mengantuk...Back to work

More of Amar

It's about half past five now and I've finished my dreaded two overview articles. Just got to come in tomorrow to file the gossip column. At least am done for the day. After a short torture tomorrow it's Friday again. Going back for some decent food (had only two roti telur for breakfast in the morning) and a nice nap.

Gotta be out again tonight for the Supermodel 2004 heats. See you blogger dearest.