Friday, July 02, 2004

Just another boring day

Thank God it's already Thursday. Almost to the end of the week. Managed to file in a really lengthy gossip page, so I'm really off the hook for this week. Editor Alam just told me we're short of pages due to the Euro crap going on, so am relieved. I after all, do owe a whole lot of stories.

Can't wait for Saturday.Looking forward to Akademi Fantasia this Saturday. Zahid's percentage up, which is really good, for me at least since I really have the hots for him. My other won the Supermodel heats last night, good sign that my investments are paying off.

A bit restless today, don't know why....finally cleared off all my credit card payments...for this month. Trying to save to get dad's specs and teeth done. Feel glad though that I manage slightly financially. Just hoping my financial situation will hold up.

God, I feel fucking horny...Kak Ros just called me up. This friend of hers I really like, is hanging out at her place. Called but decided against her invitation for me to hang out together.

Gorgeous... and I suppose that's what turn me on. Disinterest coupled with looks make quite an interesting combination. Usually, most of the lookers I know would jump at the adoration, and eventually at some point cave in to seduction.

Oh blah...