Sunday, July 04, 2004

I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it...

Miracles of all miracles....they actually announced Zahid as the last, and to be eliminated for Akademi Fantasia this week! Turns out it was a mistake, and it actually was Fitri!

Berdegup-degup jantung ku sebelum Aznil buat pembetulan! Tapi at least my guess was correct! I targetted between Fitri or Bob, and Bob was second last. Linda amazingly is now second last in the ranking at ninth! How shitty Malaysians are in appreciating talent! Zarina is at eighth with 9% of votes, just above Linda who has the same percentage! Damn. At least I'm happy about Zahid. God, he is so fucking riveting to watch when performing. Hope I get to 'feel' his performance when Akademi lets out!

Here are the latest results. As of now at least!

KAER 13%
ADAM 11%
MAS 9%
BOB 8%

Man...aku dah betul-betul demam Akademi Fantasia ni.

Apparently not as much as Ted though. He spent a good RM250, apart from the RM50 he spent at last week's concert for merchandise to send to his family back in Sabah. Another sucker is born to join the ranks of victims of corporate merchandising!

Tonight's nothing great. The 'date' I met last night, this 18 year-old is now NOT answering my calls. Typical....on the plus side, this other person, who I've been following through a blog sent me a message. Whoopie! Though I hardly think it's going to go anywhere...

We'll see...

Got to judge the Miss Eligible competition tomorrow evening at Royale Bintang. Shit, and I have to interview Fitri at Astro at 11am on Monday. Sah-sah tak bangun!

The events of the night has been quite surreal.

Latest updates on Bleu Bar. Apparently tonight is the final night of operations. No idea whether it'll continue in KL Plaza as speculated. No one really knows. But then again, like I give a flying fuck.

OK blogger..see you soon. Going to surf for pics of my new hot stuff I'm into

PS. Heard something from a friend. one's perfect...