Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I need a raise!

Boring day. My wounds are healing, too much work, and hurts like hell when I move about. I'm sore all over after the fall yesterday, a sure sign that turning 28 is really doing shitty things to my body.

I got to finish quite a bit of work today so not posting much.

Found more pics of Nikki in the Malaysian Idol website. Shots of the performance day, which she looked absolutely FABULOUS!

There's also a pretty nifty interview there for her profile. Worth a read. Hey Nikki....really...stir fried vegetables?

Name: Nikki
Age: 18
Occupation: Student
From: Tambunan, Sabah
Auditioned in: Kuching, Sarawak
How long have you been singing for?
Since Primary Four.
What are your other hobbies?
Eating! Sleeping! Cooking and poetry.
Why did enter Malaysian Idol?
To come out a better person.
If you don't make it on Malaysian Idol, what else will you do?
Come up with a recipe for the perfect stir-fried vegetables.
Describe your singing style?
The Nicolette Palikat style.
Favorite record at the moment?
Michael Buble – Come fly with me.
Music you would never listen to?
Linkin Park.
Favorite movie?
Meet Joe Black.
Favorite pop artist?
Beyonce Knowles.
Favorite food or drink?
Mee Basah with seafood. Leong Foon and milk.
How are you finding the Malaysian Idol experience so far?
Indescribably amazing and tiring simultaneously.
What do you think of the judges?
I'm scared of Paul and Roslan! Jee is very smiley!
Advice for other Malaysian Idol hopefuls?
Just be yourself and give it your best shot! It's really all you can do.
What would becoming Malaysian Idol mean to you?
A great responsibility and privilege.
Final question from the Malaysian Idol forums:
"Did you go for vocal lessons? How did you learn to hit the really high note?"
I have never been to vocal lessons. I have never actually learned…I just sang the song and it came out! Haha!