Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I have a blog!

OK. Today is kind of whacked. I got NO work done earlier today.

Am still in the office.

Only thing worthy of my pay for the day is finishing one measly news article on Anding's interview.

Not feeling too well. Lethargic really. Really think it's the lack of sex! Not that I'm complaining.

Self indulgence is so much more relaxed, not to mention guilt free. A relationship with the hand is a commitment you can't escape. Anyway, leaving soon,

Got to meet the eleven kids from the first round of Malaysian Idol, which will air live, in the first SMS voting round n Friday.

Nikki @ Pinky Nikky is in the group. At least I get to see her before the show, really hope she does well.

So freakin' lethargic. Maybe I SHOULD get laid tonight. After I solve that dilemma, than I can go on to the next one and wonder WHO?! (Or is it gramatically correct to say whom?)

Too blur at this time of day. I think it would be so much more easier to bugger home, have supper and sleep my ass off until tomorrow. Nitey nite blogger...