Friday, July 02, 2004

Hazy days and Fridays turn me on...

GOD! IT IS SO FUCKING HOT TODAY! If I could melt, I would have already...either due to the heat or that fucking awesome guy I saw at Low Yat Plaza at about lunch time. Anyway, really, the general mood for me today is TGIF....Thank God It's Friday... I love Thursdays more cause that's when the weekend really begins for me.I finish up the gossip column that comes out on Mondays...and I'm free and easy until Monday....excellent job I have! But it's gotten to me to realise how sad and pathetic my life is turning out to be. And I blame it all on television programming! Like me, you know you have no life if...

1. You're so glad it's Friday cause Malaysian Idol goes on air on 8tv
2. You're happy that you're gonna meet up with friends to bitch over Malaysian Idol and when the losers and lemons that are delusional and think they can sing!
3. It's just the day before the next Akademi Fantasia weekly concert
4. It's the day when you get to switch on Astro and see what the final preparations and drama is before the weekly concert
5. It gives you the whole Saturdays' worth of discussion with the two programmes providing enough fodder.
6. Your favourite companion apart from the TV remote is your mobile SMS and vote for your favourites (AFUNDI Linda, Zahid and Zarina!)
7. Sunday witnesses the continuation of said discussions, and the repeat of Malaysian Idol on TV3 to relive the same discussions
8. You have an excuse to go out and bitch with friends in a summary of both programmes over the weekend despite the fact you're working the next day
9. You get to claim overtime for doing all the above and recover some of the losses due to the excessive SMSing
10. You get to last the whole week and keep watching repeats of the concert and look out for where you were in the audience

And bonus point. You wonder why the camera only focused on you when you were looking your worst ie. with your finer stuck up your nose.

When all's said and done though, I look back (with just a miniscule tinge of regret that there was no sex involved), I think the weekend's pretty well planned out... Oooh...look at the time...gotta go for the TMnet Nite...See ya blogger

PS I know I should have mentioned this, but as of Monday two weeks ago, Salman's aka Cheers was closed down. Bunch of theories, but simply think he wasn't making money with his 'healthy' food.

In other words, no taste, nothing....just loads of salt... And the other thing was, heard that last night, the 'other' PLU joint was closed. They were supposed to hold the semifinals for Star Search there last night, but according to the 'official' version of the story, from the swindling owner, apparently the place had something else going on. More reliable sources said said owner called at close to 7pm and said building owners wouldn't allow entry.

Knowing him (the asshole owner), he's probably skipped on rent again, and like previous incidents, the place has been sealed. We're starting a pool to bet whether it'll be open by tonight...that brightens up my more mundane weekend! Hope Putri and Ted comes out on Malaysian Idol tonight when they show the KL auditions...