Monday, July 19, 2004

Double whammy!


Fucking unbelievable!

Not only was Zarina eliminated from Akademi Fantasia, Nikki was eliminated from Malaysian Idol after she didn't make the Top 3 for the show. Meanwhile, three losers move on!


Malaysians are hopeless!

They simply are NOT able to handle the power offered to them when it comes to deciding the talent of tomorrow. No wonder our local music industry is still stuck in such a fucking rut.

I mean, seriously, FUCK! These people are swayed by emotions in relation to the individual traits of the person, or physical attributes, rather than the person's abilities and potential.

What happens when they crash and burn trying to make it beyond the home market? Point the finger at someone else and say what I've just said even though they were the ones guilty of voting for those losers.

I mean the two episodes of the stupidity of the general Malaysian public and the boorish lacking of appreciation of talents really spoiled my weekend!

I think I'm calling it quits for the day.To make matters worse, I had to intrview the three 'weeners' just now in Vick, Zamil and Dina. I mean, nothing personal, but I just don't agree on their potential.

Anyway, have to prolong the heartache tomorrow as I have to interview Zarina AND meet the second batch of Malaysian Idol guys and girls.

These are times when I feel my job is major fucked.

On the plus side, had a nice time hanging out with Nikki (I'll post your pics online here tomorrow, girl - I promise - Go sister in Pinkyness! - Hahaha).

I'm out...