Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Dead flowers in a vase...

My last post for today.Want to bugger off to Central Market for dinner.Didn't really do anything today.The weather's too lovely to actually get any work done. Anyways, the vase of dead bouquet of flowers is starting to look desperately at home in my pile of trash on my desk.

If I get enough rest today, I will finish sending in my three due assignments for tomorrow (my gossip column in advance, for Malaysian Idol as well as Akademi Fantasia upcoming weekend), my interview with Guy as well as clean out my desk! Now, after you pause and laugh at the impossibility of getting all that done, on a more serious note though, at least three of the stories are due tomorrow. (Fuck!Fuck!Fuck!)

On a plus side, tomorrow's the fourth heat of the Supermodel 2004, should be worth a watch while I really want to be back by 11.30 tonight to catch the repeat of Diari Akademi. A

pparently Zahid cried on air last night, relating his tale of how he had to dig deep for self confidence after he felt ignored by the faculty who were always paying more attention to the other students. Aaw! Anyway, no chance of missing the Diari tonight.Leaving now for dinner.

Ooh, came across the polaroid shots the contestants of Malaysian Idol contestants took at the Top 100 stage, and found Nikkis'! What a riot.

I hereby plead guilty to grinning senselessly!

Signing off...yawn. Ta all. Enjoy the day and be meeting you all here tomorrow.