Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Catch those Zs

It's been a wicked day!Could have been quite eventful if I didn't feel like I would sleep through it! Slept way past 2am and only woke up way past noon, and yet by late evening, I was feeling totally drained and so lethargic.Reminds me of those damned Yomeishu ads!

Anyway, tomorrow's going to be fucking hectic! Thursday as usual is gossip day, when I file my column (which I haven't really anything juicy at all this week). Then there's also the case of filing my overtime claims, which are extremely important because I make at least another 50% of my total paycheck from that.

Had a call last evening from BMG Music's Christine, to let me know Guy Sebastian is in town.Whoopie! Homie back on oour fair shores.

In case you didnt't know, I'm from Klang too! Lots of famous folks come from Klang, there's Ella, then there's Fauziah Latiff, and uhm...a handful of rock kapak rock bands....well the popular names dont't come to mind at the moment.

Anyway, it was kind of nice seeing Guy again. Ted played phone technician and upgraded BMG's Eric's mobile, and also Guy's and got some quirky shots of him with Guy. Nice to know he's still humble and down to earth.Now THAT'S an Idol for you!

Guy & I - God! I look a fucking mess!

Feeling a bit whacked, didn't bother with the call from Channel 9, they're supposed to interview me about collagen shots I've had. Apparently they want the views of someone who's intelligent to come up with reasons apart from vanity on why anyone would resort to any form of cosmetic enhancement.

They must be kidding.

It all boils down to vanity at the end of the day, just that we can make up a million and one reasons to justify it. Just like everything else in our lives.

Had dinner at Pandan Indah, and asked Asri to join in.Got some disheartening news which I won't even indicate of what nature, and was reminded that it's coming up to three months since my soulmate and I spoke and started missing again.

Life sucks.

Got to go to support Laurielle who's entering the Supermodel 2004 competition. That's not the only reason. Also have to be there being one of the winners from the previous week. Don't ask...

Then after sending Ted back, I have to drop my my sister's place in Pantai Hillpark (as long as it's before 5am) as I have to pick up some stuff she wants sent back home before she goes to Sarawak for work until Monday.

How the fuck am I supposed to stay awake tomorrow with so much damn work.Got to stay up for Guy's showcase tomorrow night at Hard Rock Cafe. God, I am going to be so bushed! Just thankful it's already Thursday (my supposed best day of the week), which means the weekened beckons! More Akademi Fantasia...(Bob, you're out!). And Baha is planning a surprise birthday party for Nana of Akademi Fantasia season one, so I got to remember to buy a present. many things to do and yet...I feel so fucking empty. Note : Haven't had sex for about a month, but it strangely enough feels good. Kind of like when your're fasting, it's torture, and yet strangely calming. Signing out...for the day...