Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Broken disco balls...

OK...it's just past lunch time (I haven't had lunch yet) and I've already thrown my arms up in surrender.

I am sure as hell NOT going to get any work done here today. The shock of waking up so early (and feeling rested) is not paying off. Right now, with the air-conditioning and all, I feel drowsy and my my lids are involuntarily drooping even as I type.

Ted just called to let me know he scored. Great! Another reminder that I haven't had sex in a month??!!!!

Fuck...records of all records that would be. Actually I feel fine, but there seems to be a moral responsibility to share myself with those worthy of me, and I just feel obliged. As if... So I'm probably going to bugger off soon. Can't stay here. Really feel like sleeping or doing anything but work. Sigh at least I got my blogger all linked up with some stuff, radio stations and stuff, corrected some layout. Couldn't fix a fucking error in my script, so not fucking bothered to. The page functions fine as it is, and I'm leaving it be already.

See you later blogger. Feel like catching up on my Zs already....