Friday, July 09, 2004

Akademi Fantasia here I come!!!

Just finished EVERYTHING!

Heading back home after this nak tidur puas-puas. Well, actually sampai petang saja. I have to be in the fucking office before 5pm to get my bloody claims signed and sent to those devils in Finance.
But at least I'll get to relax over the weekend and enjoy Akademi Fantasia knowing my shitload is over.

Malaysian Idol is on tonight for a two hour special. Have to see that. Am rooting for Nicolette, my favourite.

Hope they show a little of her at least, even though I know she didn't do too well.

Pelik sangat ni, tak rasa mengantuk langsung even though it's 24 hours without sleep sudah. In fact kalau boleh nak lagi ada kerja nak buat. Hyper!...Erm...and hungry..calling it a day...

Bye bloger dearest...time to catch those Zs.