Saturday, July 31, 2004

Miracles do happen!

So I haven't posted in a couple of days.

My body has been working up and I still don't feel too well. It's a tug of war with an attacking fever, which I don't know whether I'm winning or losing.

To cut short my banter, the good news is last night, Nikki messaged me and told me she's IN the wild card show for Malaysian Idol!

Oh joyful, joyful! The latest check at the official Malaysian Idol website revealed she's No. 1 on the list of contestants Malaysia want to see perform in the wild card show, which is a good sign.

Nothing much up apart from that except reality TV weekend has begun and the suspense is kicking in for Akademi Fantasia on who'll be eliminated next.

Got Misha's pics from the video shoot in Jakarta for her Indonesian version of Bunga-Bunga Cinta which was done two weeks ago. Meant to post it earlier but didn't quite find the time to do it, but here are the pics now. Be posting again tomorrow.

The pics from the Indonesian Bunga-Bunga Cinta music video shoot directed by the same guy (Rizal Mantovani) who did Siti Nurhaliza's Percayalah and Bukan Cinta Biasa - same make-up artiste too.

Till tomorrow, blogger...

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Oh happy day (a little tired - but still happy!)

So the day started yesterday to be exact. I think I've gotten like two hours in total sleep the last 24 hours.

I have been in the office since something like 4am this morning.

My intention was to finish my work, but I've only been half way through one of the two stories I have to finish.

Sibuk sangat nak cantikkan blog punya pasal. But I think it's worth it. Anyway, still feeling really drowsy. Silly Alam logged me off the PC I was using, and now I can't recall the file name of the story I was working on. Which means I have zero.

Had a smoke and decided to wander down to the photography studio, because I caught Amar from Auditions (yes, that crappy Akademi Fantasia rip-off) having breakfast nearby my office as I was finishing mine.


When I got to the studio, bumped into Azwan Ali and Aznil Nawawi.

Now Azwan was himself, 'kecoh' and talkative as usual, but Aznil was slightly quiet, with me at least.

But then again, we haven't been on talking terms since we had that 'showdown' in Planet Hollywood, about a year or two ago. Memang setiap kali jumpa, both of us would make like the other person's invisible.

Even masa tour Akademi Fantasia throughout last year and early this year.

But surprisingly, he called me aside, I suppose as a peace offering, and I accepted by chatting with him. Lepas kejap, thank goodness, dah ada flow nak sembang balik dah. So I guess we've buried the hatchet.

Anyway, feeling happy, masih frustrated sebab tak nampak pun budak-budak Audition muncul. Went downstairs to Berita Harian's entertainment department, and serempak ngan Farah (Tria) and Amar, two of the winners of Audition. Had a nice chat with Farah yang memang dah kenal. Dalam sembang ngan orang Audition, found out the status about my lawsuit!

More good news. Looks like an empty threat after all. Even if not, I have a pretty solid case.
Anyway, Amar looked as good as always. Minat sangat dia. Anyway sembang dengan dia pun sepatah dua je.

Work related developments have been positive and semangat sikit nak buat kerja, walaupun mengantuk...Back to work

More of Amar

It's about half past five now and I've finished my dreaded two overview articles. Just got to come in tomorrow to file the gossip column. At least am done for the day. After a short torture tomorrow it's Friday again. Going back for some decent food (had only two roti telur for breakfast in the morning) and a nice nap.

Gotta be out again tonight for the Supermodel 2004 heats. See you blogger dearest.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

She works hard for her hard for it honey...

Today I am feeling exceptionally 'rajin'!.

Whether it amounts to anything or not, we'll see.

I got to the Vision Four studio to interview the Idol kids for the third workshop a little late and they all had gone back to continue their rehearsal. Interviewed 8TV chief operations officer Ahmad Izham Omar instead. More interesting than the kids! Anyway, had a right laugh to myself cause I really think there won't be a Malaysian Idol next year the way things are going...we'll see.

Second day and no lawsuit...

OK, going back to work now. I'll leave with a parting pic of Nurul and I from yesterday's interview.

Rolled about on the floor and had a good laugh after a good interview with her. She is like so naive! Nice but so gullible!

I really thought there was more to her, but apparently there isn't.

She asked me about nail care and such...and even asked my advice on singing and performing.

Now...back to work!

Nurul doing a 'Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam' as my bad hair day continues

Monday, July 26, 2004

Boring!!! didn't update over the weekend.
Too lazy to type much, so here's an insight into what happened the last few days.

- Nurul got her sorry butt kicked out of Akademi Fantasia (Hooray!)
- Spent the night bitching over the results and a load of inane, useless stuff with Face, Hard, Farihad and the lot who joined later including Poohby (don't ask...Hooray!).
- Road blocks all over town - no chance to get a drive-by session, rest of the night totally fucking unproductive. (Boo!)

- Slept whole bloody day (Hooray!)
- Hung in KLCC with Ted and Web later in the evening to help haul Ted's shopping from Aseana (take note : pricey) and saw a couple of to die for sights before headed for supper and to catch the results of Malaysian Idol (Hooray! for the fun time, and Boo! for the results of Idol)
- Got news of pending lawsuit for an item in the paper - probably my gossip column (Boo!)
- Had a late date, but got stood up (Boo!)
- Met someone who initiated a move on me while I was waiting for date who stood me up (so it's true what they say...good things come to those who wait!) and we went for a 'ride' together (Hooray!)

- Rushed for interview with Nurul who got booted out of Akademi Fantasia last Saturday (Boo! for the rushing and Hooray! cause I got there on time)
- Another mad dash to BMG's office in Damansara from Astro to interview the winners of the second workshop for Malaysian Idol (Boo! simply because I think three of them are way below par)
- Got caught gossiping so much that postponed news pieces of both items to tomorrow. (Boo!)
- Someone messaged me four times today and called once, and I only replied one message! (Hooray! cause it's about time someone treats me nice)
That's all folks! See you tomorrow. Tired and sleepy. Oh yeah and finally got some decent pictures
Zahid with his new haircut

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Talent? Is that what they call it?

Watched the second workshop of Malaysian Idol, and I can safely say they suck!

Messaged 8TV chief operating officer Ahmad Izham Omar and bitched about it and going on about how it's a sham that three of the losers would automatically move on just by the merit of being Top 3 despite the obvious fact that they SUCKED! Big time!

Anyway, he replied positively and agreed and said that the participants of the second workshop might not make the wild card entries (You don't say!).

Anyway, tomorrow's Akademi Fantasia, and the current standings are as such at the moment.

MAS 14%
ADAM 13%
KAER 13%
BOB 11%

Prediction of who's next to be eliminated : Kaer

Nothing personal as I would prefer to see Nurul or Mas bite the dust, or even Bob and Farah, or even Adam (safe to say every bloody one of them except for Linda and Zahid), but a new trend has emerged, more reliable than voting sentiments I was going on.

Someone from Astro pointed out that the one who's fourth from the bottom always gets eliminated!

And the trend has been maintaining so far, with Edlin, Fitri, Anding and even Zarina being in that precarious position before waving good-bye.

Anyways, am happy going into the concert that the faculty has come down hard on Mas throughout the whole of last week, obviously because they were all pissed that a loser like that could stay on instead of Zarina (You should have seent heir reaction after last week's concert).

Whatever it is, my fave two Linda and Zahid are likely to stay on. And that's what counts.

Anyway, last night went to hang out. Spotted someone I had dated before with some folks I despise. That person had gone on to bitch about me for no apparent reason just because kengkawan dia didn't like me.


Later dropped by Transit and hung out a while. Met this kid studying at Universiti Kuala Lumpur who stood me up for a date once.

Despite acting mature the first time we met, kali ni dia memang a turn off this time around, cause cam bebudak perangai bila ngan kengkawan. You know the kids lingo and all that attitude. Eew!

Dia ajak meet up tomorrow (we'll see) but I'm not exactly holding my breath.

Just as he left, and I was planning to pull away, Ted pointed someone cute, and I told Ted to make a move.

Strangely enough (at that time, at least) dia walked right up to me! Took me a whole minute to recall, that it was someone I had met before and already had a quickie with!

Going back by what I remember, yes, it was an insignificant memory. Dia da gain weight, so it was a little hard to recognise da rupa dia...

As usual, went through the routine of "Why didn't you call me", and "Oh, I've been very busy" etc...

What a loser!

It just brought to mind my relationship with soulmate. The strength of our relationship, apart from the fact that we could converse on the same wavelength was the fact that the sex was great.

At least on my side.

It might be a joke to some when I say it, but I proudly have received compliments before, and my soulmate's praises just reinforced the belief in my undoubtedly give the best erm.. time in bed.

And the moral of the story?

People fancy me for sex! And that's all. Forget relationships...

I've divided people I fancy into two categories. People who I like and have shagged, but just want me as a friend/brother figure etc. Then there's people who I've shagged (and they may or may not want another go) and acknowledge my abilities in the sack, but that's it.

And the conclusion I draw from that is? That I'm a slut by nature, and of circumstance. Not of choice.

To close this extremely long, rambling entry...this recalls an old joke I've heard before, which Ted told me recently.

Question : What's the difference between a whore and a slut?
Answer : A whore sleeps with everyone and a slut sleeps with everyone but YOU!

Signing off, blogger dearest. Gonna catch some sleep, and get a move on early tomorrow. Want to be in Mid Valley Megamall for the Heely demonstration tomorrow. And if my skills are on par, maybe I can show off as well. Wishful thinking.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Snoozey time

Spent the night at the office finishing the shit ass gossip column.Nothing much to post. Just that...THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!

Another weekend of reality television...and sleep...before the damn week begins again, and I fall back into the cycle. *Moan*

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I need a raise!

Boring day. My wounds are healing, too much work, and hurts like hell when I move about. I'm sore all over after the fall yesterday, a sure sign that turning 28 is really doing shitty things to my body.

I got to finish quite a bit of work today so not posting much.

Found more pics of Nikki in the Malaysian Idol website. Shots of the performance day, which she looked absolutely FABULOUS!

There's also a pretty nifty interview there for her profile. Worth a read. Hey Nikki....really...stir fried vegetables?

Name: Nikki
Age: 18
Occupation: Student
From: Tambunan, Sabah
Auditioned in: Kuching, Sarawak
How long have you been singing for?
Since Primary Four.
What are your other hobbies?
Eating! Sleeping! Cooking and poetry.
Why did enter Malaysian Idol?
To come out a better person.
If you don't make it on Malaysian Idol, what else will you do?
Come up with a recipe for the perfect stir-fried vegetables.
Describe your singing style?
The Nicolette Palikat style.
Favorite record at the moment?
Michael Buble – Come fly with me.
Music you would never listen to?
Linkin Park.
Favorite movie?
Meet Joe Black.
Favorite pop artist?
Beyonce Knowles.
Favorite food or drink?
Mee Basah with seafood. Leong Foon and milk.
How are you finding the Malaysian Idol experience so far?
Indescribably amazing and tiring simultaneously.
What do you think of the judges?
I'm scared of Paul and Roslan! Jee is very smiley!
Advice for other Malaysian Idol hopefuls?
Just be yourself and give it your best shot! It's really all you can do.
What would becoming Malaysian Idol mean to you?
A great responsibility and privilege.
Final question from the Malaysian Idol forums:
"Did you go for vocal lessons? How did you learn to hit the really high note?"
I have never been to vocal lessons. I have never actually learned…I just sang the song and it came out! Haha!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004


No real developments today. Nothing much happened. Interviewed Zarina from Akademi Fantasia this morning, rushed off to Bangsar to interview the second batch of Malaysian Idol contestants. There, had the envious opportunity to go smack on the granite when I tripped on something invisible going 50km/h on my Heelys. Yes, skating is dangerous...but then again, it's so much FUN!!!

Uhm...let's see...what else. Ajai called me up, told him about Nikki, then called Nikki told her about Ajai. So now the waiting game begins as to when Nikki can come to KL to audition for Ajai.

And that's my day in a nutshell, folks. Now...want to finish some work, though I'll probably end up wasting time posting bitching comments on message boards just to spite people.

Enjoy the photos.

Nikki after the crappy Malaysian Idol results show - playing Suzie Wong

Zarina and yours truly - Hindustan sangat sembunyi kat celah-celah pokok!

Monday, July 19, 2004

Double whammy!


Fucking unbelievable!

Not only was Zarina eliminated from Akademi Fantasia, Nikki was eliminated from Malaysian Idol after she didn't make the Top 3 for the show. Meanwhile, three losers move on!


Malaysians are hopeless!

They simply are NOT able to handle the power offered to them when it comes to deciding the talent of tomorrow. No wonder our local music industry is still stuck in such a fucking rut.

I mean, seriously, FUCK! These people are swayed by emotions in relation to the individual traits of the person, or physical attributes, rather than the person's abilities and potential.

What happens when they crash and burn trying to make it beyond the home market? Point the finger at someone else and say what I've just said even though they were the ones guilty of voting for those losers.

I mean the two episodes of the stupidity of the general Malaysian public and the boorish lacking of appreciation of talents really spoiled my weekend!

I think I'm calling it quits for the day.To make matters worse, I had to intrview the three 'weeners' just now in Vick, Zamil and Dina. I mean, nothing personal, but I just don't agree on their potential.

Anyway, have to prolong the heartache tomorrow as I have to interview Zarina AND meet the second batch of Malaysian Idol guys and girls.

These are times when I feel my job is major fucked.

On the plus side, had a nice time hanging out with Nikki (I'll post your pics online here tomorrow, girl - I promise - Go sister in Pinkyness! - Hahaha).

I'm out...

Sunday, July 18, 2004


Zarina is out of Akademi Fantasia!

What a fucking shocker!

I broke down after initially being stunned when Aznil announced her as the one leaving. Malaysians are just so fucked up! They really don't kow how to fucking appreciate talent.

When voting closed, that bitch screecher Nurul was actually second with 18%! You must be fucking joking. She sounds as good as a toilet flushing! Zahid my fave was of course first with 20%! On the plus side, my other fave Linda was third with 14%. Best news was Adam is down to second last with 9% tied with Kaer and Mas is finally bottom with 8%! That's deserved!

OK...gotta go, Ted's bitching about his contact lenses popping out or something.

Tomorrow's the day for Nikki to find out if she's in the Final 11. Hope she gets it.

PS My birthday wasn't too bad. Ted gave me a wood carved dragon! I even know it costs quite a bit (he didn't take the price tag off) Night blogger.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Happy birthday to me...

It's strange. Last year was perhaps the happiest birthday I had in my adult life. Sure it wasn't the best ever (not that I can recall any outstanding ones) but it was decent (even if the joy of it was short lived).

I know it's only been hours since my birthday, officially, but I haven't received even one call or SMS. I know wallowing in self pity won't help, but I can't help but feel really sorry for myself.

To make matters worse, I didn't even get a 'Happy Birthday' from my soulmate. It's as if I don't exist anymore. And even worse (if it's possible) I can't forget. I mean three months down the line, it doesn't hurt so much. But when I popped open his pic, I couldn't help but get slightly cloudy vision from the tears welling up in my eyes. I so fucking merindukan...

I tried crying, but the tears were so reluctant to come. It's like squeezing water from stone.

Which I suppose is a pretty fair description. Over the past year, I've hardened myself to emotions, removing myself from being swayed by my petty emotions which used to get out of control.

I exerted control over myself to carry myself in a dignified demeanour which I felt a lot of people were asking me to do. It was a change that I thought was good for me.

Sadly enough, I haven't seen much positive reactions to it. Most poeple don't even realise it. Many think I'm full of crap.

Life can be so lonely, even when you're surrounded by so many others.

I'm just an empty shell at the moment...

PS. To make matters worse, I only caught the end of Nikki's performance, as I got stuck in the fucking traffic to Pandan Indah to watch the show with Ted and Asri. Just my luck. Nikki didn't do as well as I hoped, though she was still above par. SMSed her seven times already. That's RM4.90! Will SMS some more. After all, my life has little meaning but to compliment the lives of others...

Friday, July 16, 2004

Showers of blessing.......

Ahhh! Rain again.While the day started out wet early in the morning, the dreaded searing heat was again in place by midday.

Thankfully at the very moment, huge, heavy drops of rain are pelting the windows noisily in what seems to be a massive shower out there. Raining cats and dogs some might say. I'd prefer the term, raining pussies and bitches. Such a soothing melody...
This is the most relaxed day in a week Í've had all week. Except for the morning

when I was all stressed out trying to get to Berjaya Times Square Hotel for a fucking Malaysian Idol press conference at 10.30am, at bloody 11am! Goddamn fucking KL traffic!

Needless to say I reached at about noon and caught everyone leaving.Not that it mattered much anyway.Stupid 8tv is so fucked up...the whole thing was redundant anyway.

After a stopover at Central Market during lunch hour, just popped into office about half an hour ago and just sorting emails and inserting today's entry into you blogger dearest.

Nikki's on tonight on Malaysian Idol, hope she does well.She promised she would do her best as my birthday's tomorrow and I said it would make the best gift in a long time.

Got another ticket and asked Asri to join for the Akademi Fantasia concert tomorrow with Ted.Damn, I'm going to be so fucking busy with just the two talent shows.

I'm 28 tomorrow..cue for a huge sigh..still no word from my soulmate...

Feeling so bummed out, thought I'd just list out my top ten songs for those blues period to share. So if you're feeling burned after a relationship, get these songs. I guarantee they'll provide the therapy you need to slowly be able to afford a smile again.

My top 10 songs for 'those blues' to wallow in depression with or source strength from

1. No More Drama - Mary J. Blige - taken from the album No More Drama (2002)
2. On My Own - Whitney Houston - taken from the album Just Whitney (2002)
3. Beautiful - Christina Aguilera - taken from the album Stripped (2002)
4. Leave Right Now - Will Young - taken from the album Friday's Child (2003)
5. Thank You - Jamelia - taken from the album Thank You (2003)
6. Thank You For Hearing Me - Sinead O'Connor - taken from the album Universal Mother (1995)
7. The Voice Within - Christina Aguilera - taken from the album Stripped (2002)
8. I Surrender - Celine Dion - taken from The New Day Has Come (2002)
9. No More I Love You's - Annie Lennox - taken from the album Medusa (1999)
10. The Dance - Garth Brooks - taken from the album Garth Brooks (1989)

However, if like me, you may think you've wallowed enough, and just want to let your hair down and boogie your woes away, my recommended listening right now is All Things (Just Keep Getting Better) from Wildlife. You might recognise it as the theme song from Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.

If you love it as much as I do, or just want a really good party song to sweat it off to, get What's That Sound, the soundtrack to the show which also features Elton John, Basement Jaxx, Jamelia and even a Chemical Brothers' mix of Kylie Minogue.

Now where's my disco ball...

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Nana...Hey...Na na na na na na...Nana ke?

Obviously I'm stuck on that silly song from Nana from Akademi Fantasia season one, who's now a presenter with

It's a poppy, bouncy lollipop kinda song which grows on you. Funky disco boogie track. And after humming along with it on era, I got in the office to discover that distributors Zezz have finally sent the promo copies of Azizi's (also of Akademi Fantasia season one) Kau Duniaku as well as concert one and two of the new season of Akademi Fantasia (where's the third one which has just been released) as well as the compilation of the season one girls in Evolusi 1.

Anyway, Nana's Katakan is just the thing I need to lift my spirits. I feel so bummed. Picking up from where I left off yesterday, after I finished work, I buggered off to Central Market to try and avoid the blues, you know being surrounded by people does that. However, it didn't really change much, I was still wallowing in this deep blue funk for some reason which I couldn't put my finger on as to why.

Later that night, dropped Ted off back home to change after following him to scout for a new house, and while waiting for him in the car, I thought long, hard and deep. And I knew why.

It was two simple reasons.

First, my birthday is this Saturday, and I turn 28...alone. Somehow, my birthday every year gets me depressed, not because of the age factor, but if I'm not with someone it always gets me ultra depressed.

Secondly, based on the first reason, I miss my soulmate still. Anyway, after about three months of having zero contact, I SMSed telling it's three months this Monday and that dia ada three months more, based on promise to pay back what was owed.

And also reminding that my birthday is this Saturday, not to expect anything, but just that I'm not feeling emotionally well and that I wanted to make amends with him and forget whatever bad episodes that happened between us and just take the good ones for memories to keep me going.

Needless to say, my SMS went unanswered.

Anway, later in the night, check out the Supermodel competitionand had a good laugh, especially the horror that is the delusional Mama Rossa, and later back home to have a good sleep.

Dozed off finally at about 5am, woke up at 1.30pm and decided to pull the duvet covers over my head again to continue my much needed slumber. WHen I opened my eyes again, it was freezing, not because of the air conditioning, but because of the pouring rain outside.

At first I thought I must have slept through to the next morning, and I grabbed my mobile phone to check the time. It was 4.30pm and apparently the thunderstorm had been going on for well past half an hour.

Felt really blue, so SMSed Dudi, my soulmate's boyfriend (who had broken up with my soulmate before we met, and continued their relationship after I broke up). He's been a decent friend because I was the one who advised him when aku dan ex dia were going out together. He promised he would try to talk to my soulmate to be more decent with me. Not that it's going to help much, I know. My soulmate, like me, is kinda hard-headed and often wants cara dia sendiri. Clash of the egoes.

Dragged myself out of bed, plonked in front of the TV in front of some Diara Akademi repeat.

Mom came back,so joined her and Dad for an early dinner before hauling ass to the office where I am now.

Got some work to finish, buggering off in a while after that. Not interested to hang around. Just want to be alone.

....Nana! Hey! Nana ke...Kali pertama....ah...the power of music... Well...definitely will catch Ted's competition tonight in the semi final of the karaoke competition he's in. Maybe I can find someone to flirt with. Yum!

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Spinning around

I am coming seriously close to 24 hours without sleep and the effects are getting to me.

I got back early last night, bout 10.30pm (that's like still fucking daylight for me), lazed about, stuffed my face and tuned in to @15 to watch Zahid as he practised over Black Eyed Peas' Where Is The Love? for this weeks' concert.

Finished at about 12.30am, got hooked on some other programme which I can't even remember now (lack of sleep does that to you) and buggered off to my room at about 1.30am. Tried everything I could, and failed.

Gave up tossing and turning at about 4am. Took a quick shower, and dressed and zoomed to the office.

In a space of four hours, by the time the early birds started filing into the office, I already completed two major stories and got a whole lot of surfing done (the perks of free Internet, I admit).

Anyway, thought of being advanced and file the remainder of my gossip by today (not too lhard since recycling last weeks' considering useless bastard sub-editors fucked up last weeks' column).

Did bout half a column (if it's even that far ahead) and starting to feel extremely woozy. Think I'm just gonna smack my head on the PC even as I type this out. I think it's more than advisable to grab a quick 40 winks in the car, while I'm still able to walk to it.

Be back soon to finish the rest of the crap I have to do...zzzzzzzzzz...

Two hours later...

Made my way to the car, am about to crash when something doesn't agree with my system.

After an emergency disposal, make my way back to the car and crash! Woke up two hours later, bothered and bewildered.

Back to work....

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Dead flowers in a vase...

My last post for today.Want to bugger off to Central Market for dinner.Didn't really do anything today.The weather's too lovely to actually get any work done. Anyways, the vase of dead bouquet of flowers is starting to look desperately at home in my pile of trash on my desk.

If I get enough rest today, I will finish sending in my three due assignments for tomorrow (my gossip column in advance, for Malaysian Idol as well as Akademi Fantasia upcoming weekend), my interview with Guy as well as clean out my desk! Now, after you pause and laugh at the impossibility of getting all that done, on a more serious note though, at least three of the stories are due tomorrow. (Fuck!Fuck!Fuck!)

On a plus side, tomorrow's the fourth heat of the Supermodel 2004, should be worth a watch while I really want to be back by 11.30 tonight to catch the repeat of Diari Akademi. A

pparently Zahid cried on air last night, relating his tale of how he had to dig deep for self confidence after he felt ignored by the faculty who were always paying more attention to the other students. Aaw! Anyway, no chance of missing the Diari tonight.Leaving now for dinner.

Ooh, came across the polaroid shots the contestants of Malaysian Idol contestants took at the Top 100 stage, and found Nikkis'! What a riot.

I hereby plead guilty to grinning senselessly!

Signing off...yawn. Ta all. Enjoy the day and be meeting you all here tomorrow.

More on Nikki

OK...I know it's not fair to keep posting on Nikki...without proof of how awesome she is at least. So here. I've decided to link the proof of Nikki ability. Remember people, she goes on air on Malaysian Idol this Friday, so let's bloody vote for someone who can sing for once in Malaysian history!

Don't cry for me Argentina! Evita Peron? We don't think so...

Click the following link to watch Nikki in action during the Sarawak auditions when she rocked the house with her rendition of Mariah Carey's Emotions. SHOW ME PROOF!

Nikki for Idol!

Just got back to the office from Studio D, Jalan Liku which is like right next door to my office. Met up with the eleven contestants from the first group of Malaysian Idol for their story to be published on the same day to hype up the first SMS voting enabled programme.

Actually ten cause one was absent. Met up with Nikki, and surprised cause for the first time she was actually wearing make-up!


Anyway, the rest, including Vic (that idot hairdresser from Ipoh who thinks he can sing) will be on this Friday, so trying to get everyone to tune in and vote for Nikki.

If you've been following Idol, Nikki was the girl from Sabah, who qualified from the Sarawak audition, singing Mariah Carey's Emotions, complete with the trademark Carey whistle. Now...back to work...

Meet your next Malaysian Idol, Nikki - She comes on this Friday's programme! Vote for her!

I have a blog!

OK. Today is kind of whacked. I got NO work done earlier today.

Am still in the office.

Only thing worthy of my pay for the day is finishing one measly news article on Anding's interview.

Not feeling too well. Lethargic really. Really think it's the lack of sex! Not that I'm complaining.

Self indulgence is so much more relaxed, not to mention guilt free. A relationship with the hand is a commitment you can't escape. Anyway, leaving soon,

Got to meet the eleven kids from the first round of Malaysian Idol, which will air live, in the first SMS voting round n Friday.

Nikki @ Pinky Nikky is in the group. At least I get to see her before the show, really hope she does well.

So freakin' lethargic. Maybe I SHOULD get laid tonight. After I solve that dilemma, than I can go on to the next one and wonder WHO?! (Or is it gramatically correct to say whom?)

Too blur at this time of day. I think it would be so much more easier to bugger home, have supper and sleep my ass off until tomorrow. Nitey nite blogger...

Monday, July 12, 2004

It's getting hot in here...


The heat is absolutely searing today! Just back from Astro to finish off an interview with Anding, and I'm sweating by the bucketloads.

Just had news that the first eleven of the Malaysian Idol contestants from the first group will be coming to the office tomorrow for an exclusive with us. Fucking 8tv came to their senses I suppose sebab cam malas je selama ni keja. It is so absolutely shitty working with them. Anyway, got to finish off Anding's story for news.

BAD HAIR DAY ALERT! Oh yeah...I'm having one of those too...

Friday, July 09, 2004

Rosak mood...

That's it. I had to check the fucking percentage sebelum balik!

Last-last kecewa juga si Mas mangkuk tu dah balik first with 13%. #$%^*&%$!!!!!! dan segala sumpahan yang patut lah bagi binatang-binatang yang kuat sangat bazir duit SMS AFUNDI untuk dia.

These are the latest standings as of now.

MAS 13%
ADAM 12%
KAER 12%
BOB 8%

At least lah my favourites in Zahid, Zarina and Linda kira selamat lah juga. Dahlah nak balik lah. Potong stim je si Mas ni.