Monday, June 28, 2004

Spaced out...

IT'S been happening again. Losing my mood to blog at all.

Simply for several reasons...including what is probably the most boring phase of my young queer life. Also been busy with work, tonnes of it heaped up, with no time (procrastinator!) and no drive to even get started.

Also the lack of a sex life (haven't had sex since the beginning of blogging) could be part of the reason, I suppose. Had dozens of numbers over the past few weeks, and gave out more than half a dozen of mine, with no results to show.

I've hit a slump, and all I keep doing is looking back at memories of my soulmate to keep me comforted. How pathetic! Hope the next few days will be eventful though. Looking forward to the weekend for the next Akademi Fantasia concert while waiting for Malaysian Idol to kick off its Top 30 show.

At least I have a short term goal in my life that I can meet...geez....