Tuesday, June 15, 2004

My first day... again

Lord knows it's been some time since I last had a damn blogger. Christ! I can't even remember where I parked it or what it looked like or even what I wrote.

Who knows what incriminating shit I posted for strangers to casually browse. You know how old information tends to become incriminating, especially after it's been long forgotten? Like old embarassing baby pictures or that story of what you did back in pre-school etc.

God knows why but I just decided to begin a new blogger today after reading some real shitty ones online after a couple of links brought me about in cyberspace. Not that I have much to write about you see, just that perhaps I'm looking for some form of release. It's been lonely without my soulmate.. missing...

We broke up something like three months ago. I don't pine. I just miss.

I suppose I don't pine simply because I prepared myself that it would be over sometime. Seven months is not too long anyway.

To Jakarta with love. We were having a long distance relationship. The perfect one. Almost. Everyone of my friends said so. After all, Javanese/Chinese/Filipino descent on father's side, and Balinese/Chinese on mom's side and you got one hell of a looker.

Simply gorgeous.Educated.Well groomed.And extremely fun to be with. Anyway, back to this blogger thingie.

Trying to pour out feelings in this blogger is going to be commonplace as it's part of my theraphy I suppose, to recover totally.

But more importantly, who knows, maybe my life will be worth reading about for someone else, some day. Lord sure knows, how I read on about the lives of others and feel that way. Maybe it's time for me to start feeling some self-worth.

Positivity in self-affirmation.

You can't beat that.