Thursday, June 17, 2004

Joe Hahn and the Singapore Sale

Got into office about an hour ago. Spent ages doing my routine free bitching in the Bluehyppo messageboards for the Malaysian Idol.

So therapeutic...not quite as shopping for shoes but almost... woken up this morning (it was actually past noon-I love my flexible working hours) by a call from Syabreena from Warner Music on the Linkin Park Meteroa Tour concert in Singapore next week....

Rejected her call twice, but lucky got it on the third...just out of pity....So malas nak layan time nak tidur ni. Anyway...she had some good news to spare.

I'll be doing an interview with the guys from Linkin! Can't wait to get up close and personal with Joe Hahn. Last bumped into him at last year's MTV Asia Music Awards (or was it 2002?) He's been packing on more weight, and he looks more yummy than ever. Last time saw him, he also had his very gorgeous supermodel-esque girlfriend in tow.

To anyone interested in Joe (not me) all the good ones are indeed taken (don't ever believe about them being married or gay...I don't see any gay guys good enough to qualify for that statement...

Weather today a little hot...glaring sun...lucky I had a pair of shades with me. Not exactly the most classy.

A colleague of mine just got back from Singapore from an Elvis concert press conference, and he got a pair of Elvis sunglassses, you know the huge, gold rimmed ones. So anyway wore them to shield my pretty (squinty) eyes from the harsh sunlight...pretty comfy, though a little tacky as the body is made from cheap plastic sprayed gold (Eew!), though the legs are metal.

But the lenses are really expensive stuff judging by the clarity. However, felt more than a little ridiculous wearing them. Felt more ridiculous thinking of the silly concert they're going to hold while selling such memorabilia items.

Apparently, the concert will broadcast Elvis on a big screen, while his former musicians (in their 60s and 70s) play live onstage. The concert is the only Graceland sanctioned Elvis show in the world (whoopie!). Weird man...let the guy rest...he's dead already. And you thought his torture ended with asphyxiation on his own vomit....

Since I'm on a Singapore tip....can't wait to get to the republic that legitimately steals our country's water. After all, was there two weeks ago and the sale was absolutely CRAZY!

I know I'm going to go bonkers there, so cutting down on every Ringgit spent here, in hopes it'll be enough to do a decent spot of shopping. Don't have anything in mind at the moment of what I'm going to get (Though Topshop is on my list)...but who cares.

Shopping is like life. You never know what you're going to get when you arrive, but the journey is half the fun. Hope I can drag my straight colleagues the whole stretch of Orchard Road (Hope that cutie at Lucky Plaza is still working there). to finish up my gossip column for Monday NOW! Goddamn sub-editors bising already. be back soon, blogger dearest...