Friday, June 18, 2004

Is there a cure for that???

Was all panicky and all that when I left last night. But everything's OK.

Putri checked in fine and is in the same room with another transvestite, making them the only two deviants in the Malaysian Idol. Really think Malaysians are opening up when it comes to the question of sexuality.

When we got to the hotel however, and I finally caught a glimpse of the 108 participants that qualified, it ran through my mind how delusional some of these folks were, living on the hope that they could be stars.

Which got me thinking of my ranting in one of my previous posts about friends.Sometimes, ignorance IS bliss. The fact that you're a -know-it-all is rarely good.People are always malicious in their intentions of you, and expectedly human nature (and inflated egos) will never allow you to be right - or at least they'll attempt that.

People are simply delusional.

I mean, I've gone through life having different groups of friends, and I've accepted that it's the process of life, to keep growing and keep changing the circle of friends you're with to keep with the ongoing changes.

However as I get older, I notice that circumstances surrounding good-byes become worse, and friends become more scarce. People...everyone in fact wants a yes man for a friend. People like being told nice things. No one wants a naysayer ie. moi!

Whatever...que sera sera...No use bitching about it. Just got into the office.

Am leaving to see how Putri's doing. Still mulling over my best friend's announcement that he's buggering off on a transfer elsewhere for two years. No significant other (one night stands don't count), now no best friend. Lo9ts of bitchy fuckers around me. If there is a hell, I'm sure it. See you later blogger dearest...