Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Calling it a day...

OK...Am leaving this office. Managed to finish that shit piece on Akademi Fantasia 2.

God! I have to complete it and send it in tomorrow early for publication. Then I also have to complete my Malaysian Idol weekly column updates. AND my SO WHAT? gossip for Monday!

Goddamn it! I'm just going to go fucking bonkers! Leaving...leaving...leaving... At least I can be glad I'm going for Linkin Park in Singapore next week.

Think I'm heading to Bukit Bintang at Colour Bistro for supper. That place is really turning out to be Cheers. You know, that sitcom in the 80s where the theme song goes, "Sometimes you wanna go, where everybody knows your name..."

Yeah well, sometimes, such as times like this when the blues hits, it's nice to wind down somewhere where people are going to come up to say hi.

Calling it a day...buggering off...see you tomorrow dear blogger. Hopefully we develop a relationship that spans longer than the last blogger.